Who Are Nelly Rico And Jorge Cejudo? UFC Star Henry Cejudo Parents

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Henry Cejudo parents Nelly Rico and Jorge Cejudo were illegal Mexican immigrants who had a very tough time making ends meet for their children. Due to this, the couple could not share a healthy relationship which affected them and all of their children.

Henry “Triple C” Cejudo signed with the UFC in 2014 and is now considered a top-tier fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

His current UFC record stands at sixteen wins, two losses, and zero draws (16-2-0).

His base style of fighting is wrestling, but he also draws some inspiration from boxing and Muay Thai. 

Cejudo Flexing His Muscles
Cejudo Flexing His Muscles (Source: Instagram)

Cejudo is a former Flyweight and Bantamweight class category champion of the UFC. His next fight is scheduled for UFC:288, where he will be contending in the Bantamweight title bout against Aljamain “Funk Master” Sterling as the main event.

The fighter is also the only fighter in the UFC to hold both a UFC title and an Olympic gold medal. He won the gold medal while competing in 55kg wrestling at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

After his last fight with Dominick Cruz, which was in 2020, he announced retirement from professional fighting but now has decided to grace the octagon with his talents once more. He is considered one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.

Henry Cejudo Parents: Nelly Rico And Jorge Cejudo

The relationship between Cejudo’s parents, Nelly Rico and Jorge Cejudo, is nothing like a fairytale. Both of them came to the USA as illegal immigrants from Mexico.

His father Jorge Cejudo, had to battle with drug and alcohol addiction which made his personality very volatile and aggressive.

Jorge was absent from the fighter’s life for long periods of time, which left the fighter with an absence of a father figure.

Cejudo’s father was also jailed after he threatened the family with violence and made comments that he would kill all of them. He was also constantly engaging in brawls with strangers while being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

We may speculate that the fighter turned towards wrestling as a means to escape this part of his life. 

Cejudo Flaunting His Olympic Gold Medal With His Mother
Cejudo Flaunting His Olympic Gold Medal With His Mother (Source: Verdictmma)

His mother, Nelly Rico, on the other hand, has served as an inspiration for him. She separated from her husband when the fighter was four years of age and moved to New Mexico.

It is even said that she “fled” from her husband because of his violent nature.

Rico provided for him during his childhood and brought him up to become the man that he is today. 

Henry Cejudo Wife Ana Karoline

The fighter is currently married to the beautiful Brazilian Ana Karoline. She is a model, traveler, and fitness enthusiast who boasts an Instagram following of around 25K.

In 2021, Cejudo proposed to Karolina and disclosed the information via Instagram, where he posted a picture of him bending a knee in front of her while holding her hand.

The caption read, “Since nobody in the UFC could make me bend the knee, I was forced to bend it to the love of my life @anakarolinafr #parasiempre #forever ❤️”

The proposal came right when they were expecting a baby. The couple is now blessed with a daughter, America Maria Cejudo, and is expecting another baby in the October of 2023. 

Cejudo With His Wife And Daughter Showing An Ultrasound Picture Of His Expected Baby
Cejudo With His Wife And Daughter Showing An Ultrasound Picture Of His Expected Baby (Source: Instagram)

Karolina went to Gestão Ambiental Unicamp for her education.

The couple does not shy away from showing affection in public. Both of their Instagram pages are filled with pictures of them, along with their cute daughter, with beautiful captions about love and family. 

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