Who Are Trevor And Brianna Grace Wakefield? Tim Wakefield Kids

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The American former professional baseball player Tim Wakefield is the proud father of two beautiful bundles of joy, his kids, Trevor and Brianna Grace Wakefield.

Trevor and Brianna Wakefield’s parents, Tim Wakefield and Stacy Stover, are extremely proud of their parental responsibilities.

While Tim is battling brain cancer, his family, including his kids, are by his side, facing the challenging journey together.

The American Former Professional Baseball Player, Tim Wakefield
The American Former Professional Baseball Player Tim Wakefield (Source: The Boston Globe)

Timothy Stephen Wakefield ‘Tim’ started his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

However, he is best known for his 17-year stint as the Boston Red Sox’s longest-tenured player, from 1995 until his retirement in 2012.

The Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer was two times World Series Champion in 2004 and 2007.

On September 13, 2011, Wakefield defeated the Toronto Blue Jays to win his 200th career game.

He currently holds the third-highest career win total in Red Sox franchise history (186), trailing only Cy Young and Roger Clemens.

Moreover, the eight-time Roberto Clemente Award nominee won the award in 2010.

The MLB star retired on February 17, 2012, as Boston Red Sox’s longest-serving player.

Before the departure from MLB, Wakefield was the oldest active player in the major leagues.

Tim Wakefield Kids

Who Are Trevor And Brianna Grace Wakefield?

Tim Wakefield tied the knot with his wife, Stacy Stover, on November 9, 2002.

The couple dated for a while after crossing paths in Massachusetts. Tim and Stacy Stover are proud parents of two adorable kids, Trevor and Brianna Grace Wakefield.

The pair welcomed their first child, Tim, within two years of the marriage in 2004. The younger daughter, Brianna, was born in 2005.

Tim Wakefield With His Wife Stacy And Kids Trevor And Brianna
Tim Wakefield With His Wife Stacy And Kids Trevor And Brianna (Source: The Patriot Ledger)

Tim Wakefield, with his wife, is incredibly proud of their parental responsibilities. The couple and their two teenage kids reside in Florida.

Very little information about Trevor and Brianna is available, as they tend to maintain a low public profile. Tim’s Instagram also offers limited insights into their personal life.

Tim Wakefield: Love For His Kids

Tim Wakefield is known for being a devoted father. His compassionate nature is helpful in this area.

But it also required a lot of work because of his busy schedule during his playing career.

That’s the hard part,” Wakefield talked of his efforts to keep in touch with his two children while at MLB.

“Just try to get up early enough and talk to them, especially when they’re still in school, before they go to school, or catch them when they’re out of school, which is right about the time when I’m at the ballpark. It’s tough, it’s tough.”

Every day, Wakefield communicated in some way with the family.

He made occasional traditional phone calls but would also use FaceTime on his iPhone and occasionally Skype.

Tim sometimes would be a little worn out because he had to get up early after a hard night at the park to pick up his wife and children before they left for the day to go back home.

But now, as he struggles with the brain tumor, his children and family are by his side as they work through a long and challenging path together.

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  1. To Trevvor and Brianna, I grew up around your father when he was 15 to the time he left Melbourne to play in the MLB. No one ever had a bad word to say about your father as he was one of the most genuine people we knew. Timmy to us. He played in a Softball Tournament in my Dad’s honor at Patrick AFB with the guys he grew up around and was voted MVP of the Tournament in 87′. My father passed when I was the about the age you are now(20) and it isn’t fair. But he will always be with you! Take care of your mom! Derrick Soares.


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