Who Are Tyler, Terry And Torrel Harris? Tobias Harris Brother

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The Tobias Harris brother have intriguing alliteration in their names; other than that, do they have more similarities in their personas too?

Tobias Harris has three brothers, Tyler, T.J., and Terry, playing at a varsity level with different universities.

In total, Harris’s family has six kids, among which the two daughters, Tesia and Tori, are included.

Among which the most famous is Tobias Harris, who was Mr. New York Basketball in 2010 during the senior year of his collegiate career.

A year later, Tobias was declared for the 2011 NBA Draft, where he was drafted 19th overall by the Charlotte Bobcats but was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks on draft night.

Harris Brothers In One Frame
Harris Brothers In One Frame (Source: Reddit)

Tobias progressed his game with time by scoring his 10,000th career point against the Washington Wizards with the 76ers on January 6, 2021.

His intact belief in Christianity is also the reason for his excellent game; in a 2015 interview with Razz and Jazz Sports, Tobias explained his Christian faith.

Tobias states, “Any person I meet, I try to embrace them and show them love so that they know I’m a Christian; Jesus Christ was a loving man., And as Christians, we have to try to model our lives after Jesus Christ.”

The NBA player is generous, donating a million dollars to nine different charities in the Philadelphia area.

Harris Brothers

There are four Harris brothers; Torrel Jr. is the eldest, as their father, Torrel Harris, stated in an interview with The New York Post.

The second brother on the line is Tobias, born on July 15, 1992, playing for the 76ers of the NBA.

Tobias performed spectacularly with his teammate, Embiid, in a victory match with the 76ers against the Nets. 

The power forward scored 20 points in Game 1 and posted 21 in Game 2. For which Rivers, the 76ers coach, appreciated him.

Tyler, the second youngest of brothers, played at Auburn University at his collegiate level. The basketball player went for the Qatar league team, Al-Gharafa SC. 

As well as Tyler worked as a personal trainer for Evolution Sports Qatar, a multi-sport coaching provider for children & adults.

Whereas the youngest brother, Terry, born on March 20, 1996, has no information about his career in any sports.

Besides the brother, Tobias also has two sisters, among which Tesia, the eldest, is equally associated with basketball as much as his brothers.

Tesia was declared in the 2011 NBA Draft and graduated from St. John’s University a year later with a major in English and aspired to be a model.

Although she didn’t continue as a player or model, she worked as a coach for some time and now is a vice president of business operations.

At last, the youngest is Tori playing for the Long Beach State Women’s Basketball team.

Before it, she graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in sports media in 2022.

Family Of Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris was born on July 15, 1992, to his parents, Torrel Harris and Lisa Harris. 

Torrel, Tobias’ father, played collegiate basketball at Duquesne and Murray State. Supposedly his father is now working as an agent for his son, Tobias.

He grew up with three brothers, Terry, T.J., and Tyler, and two sisters, Tesia and Tori.

Apart from Torrel Jr., the eldest, all the other Harris siblings were associated with basketball, like their father, Torrel Harris.

Newly Wed Tobias With Jasmine
Newly Wed Tobias With Jasmine (Source: REEM Photography)

The Harris line is also the symbol of bravery, and they imparted it from their grandfather John Mulzac, a member of the Tuskegee Airmen.

The group of African American military pilots and airmen who fought in World War II.

Tobias has been lucky in these recent years in terms of family as he found the love of his Jasmine Winton and married her at Oheka Castle on August 6, 2022.

There is not much information available on the internet about Jasmine as she is a private person.

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