Who Is Alex Seefeldt? Dawson Knox Girlfriend: Engaged And Marriage Date

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Buffalo Bills’ Dawson Knox scored off-field, getting engaged to his girlfriend, Alex Seefeldt, in late November during the break.

Knox joyfully revealed their engagement news through Instagram on December 4, 2023, sharing special moments through pictures.

Today, let’s explore their journey — how they met and grew up from lovers to fiancees, and see if they’ve revealed their wedding date.

Buffalo Bills' Tight End Dawson Knox
Buffalo Bills’ Tight End Dawson Knox (Source: Instagram)

Dawson Knox, Buffalo Bills’ tight end, drafted in 2019, contributes skill to the NFL as a third-round pick.

During his rookie season, he shone with his first NFL touchdown, playing an essential role in the game-winning drive against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Despite ups and downs, Knox finished his debut season with 388 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

In 2020, he faced adversity, testing positive for COVID-19, but rebounded with 288 yards and three touchdowns.

Moreover, the 2021 season showcased his emergence, breaking franchise records with seven receiving touchdowns. Recognizing his impact, the Bills signed him to a lucrative four-year extension in 2022.

Knox responded with 517 receiving yards and six touchdowns in the 2022 season, including a notable contribution in the Wild Card Round.

Unfortunately, a wrist injury in 2023 temporarily sidelined him. Despite setbacks, Knox’s journey reflects resilience and promise in Buffalo’s offensive arsenal.

Dawson Knox Girlfriend: Who Is Alex Seefeldt?

Dawson Knox’s girlfriend, Alex Seefeldt, is a Buffalo native who has made a mark for herself as a fitness and lifestyle influencer.

Growing up in Buffalo, Alex attended the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart for high school.

Later, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 2021 from the University of Buffalo’s School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Before embarking on her journey as a personal trainer, Alex dedicated over nine years at Master Khechen’s Martial Arts Academy, initially working part-time as an instructor.

During this time, she developed a passion for movement and physical well-being, laying the foundation for her later career in fitness.

It was during this period that Dawson Knox, the Buffalo Bills’ tight end, paid a visit to the academy with Alex in April.

Dawson Knox Girlfriend Alex Seefeldt Is A Fitness Influencer
Dawson Knox Girlfriend, Alex Seefeldt, Is A Fitness Influencer (Source: Instagram)

The academy’s Instagram account posted a photo of Dawson Knox with two students, expressing gratitude for his presence and showcasing his interest in learning martial arts techniques.

With over 224,000 Instagram followers, Alex is a well-known figure in the fitness world. She joined WeGLOW as a trainer, contributing to the platform with her expertise and passion for fitness.

In her trainer bio, she reflects on her lifelong connection to movement, stating that her fitness journey began at the age of 3 with Martial Arts.

Moreover, she views fitness as a holistic approach, prioritizing inner well-being and self-connection.

Alex believes in constant self-improvement, pushing limits, and striving to be 1% better every day.

Through social media and her professional ventures, she inspires others to embrace fitness as a transformative journey.

Her relationship with Dawson Knox adds another dimension to her public persona, showcasing a shared interest in well-being and a supportive partnership.

Their Engagement And Wedding Date

Dawson Knox’s love journey with Buffalo native Alex Seefeldt adds excitement to the Buffalo Bills’ season opener against the New York Jets.

As Knox’s No. 1 fan and girlfriend, Seefeldt, a professional fitness trainer, has been cheering for the Bills long before their relationship began in the spring.

The night before the game, she took to Instagram, sharing a heartfelt message and a grid of photos, expressing her love and support.

Their relationship went public on June 30, 2023, marked by an Instagram post from Seefeldt during their time at CMA Fest in Nashville.

Dawson Knox Is Engaged To WeGLOW Trainer Alex Seefeldt
Dawson Knox Is Engaged To WeGLOW Trainer Alex Seefeldt (Source: Instagram)

Then, in a moment etched in Buffalo’s memory, Dawson Knox took a knee— not on the field, but in a romantic setting.

The tight end proposed to Alex Seefeldt, sealing their love in a promise of forever on November 30, 2023.

On December 4, 2023, he shared the news on Instagram and wrote:

I guess this is what the kids call a “hard launch”. I have found the one whom my soul loves. When you know, you know… and it was only a matter of months before I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman. She’s loved me at my worst, and helps sharpen me to be at my best. She’s a direct representation of God’s love, and I thank Him every single day for her. 11.30.23, best day of my life 🤍

The engagement, symbolizing their journey from the stands to the spotlight, marked a new chapter in their enchanting tale.

As whispers of wedding plans and dates circulated in Buffalo, the couple kept details under wraps.

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