Who Is Amanda Fillipponi, Andrew Fillipponi Wife? Family & Kids

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The host, Andrew Fillipponi, and his wife, Amanda, consistently stand as pillars of strength for each other, expressing their support whenever the opportunity arises.

The post-game host, Andrew, and his wife have been married for quite a long time. Additionally, the Fillipponi couple is proud parents to their daughter and pets.

The New York native holds his wife Amanda in high regard, referring to her as his “True Soulmate.”

Andrew Fillipponi The Station's Evenings Host
Andrew Fillipponi, A Professional Radio Host (Source: Instagram)

Fillipponi graduated from Syracuse University, where he served as talk show director at the historic student radio station, WAER.

During the late 2000s, he hosted and reported for radio stations such as WGR 550 in Buffalo and 93.7 The Fan.

Moreover, he worked in various roles during his time at CBS Sports Radio in 2016.

In addition to his radio work, he regularly contributes to “Sports Showdown” on KDKA-TV and KDKA-AM.

However, he currently holds the position of evening host and Pitt Panthers post-game host at the station.

Andrew Fillipponi Wife: Family And Kids

Andrew Fillipponi has been married to his wife, Amanda Fillipponi, since September 2017.

They are very supportive of one another, and the radio host respects his wife greatly, acknowledging her struggles.

Similarly, Andrew and Amanda Fillipponi joyfully anticipated the arrival of their first child, a baby boy named Geno Fillipponi, in 2020. Regrettably, due to health complications, their cherished child did not survive.

After a few years, they were blessed with another baby, a girl named Stella Fillipponi (born on July 17, 2023).

Moreover, they proudly call themselves the parents of their pet dogs, Cami and Poppy.

The Post Games Host Andrew Fillipponi And His Wife
The Post Games Host Andrew Fillipponi And His Wife (Source: Twitter)

An interesting incident happened with Amanda. Mrs. Fillipponi, a WVU alum, is a huge fan of West Virginia and is seen supporting them occasionally.

However, during a game in 2022, the PM team banned her for making the comment ‘eat s**t Pitt’ following Pitt’s team victory against WVU.

The Birth Of First Child: Geno Fillipponi

Amanda and Andrew faced difficulties trying to conceive for a long time. They experienced overwhelming joy upon discovering her pregnancy with their first child.

Moreover, the couple celebrated the impending arrival of their boy Geno, whom the couple refers to as their “Miracle baby.

However, the discovery that their baby had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome put a shadow on their happiness.

In Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, the left side of the heart does not form correctly or doesn’t form at all as the baby develops during pregnancy.

Amanda And Andrew First Pregnancy
Amanda And Andrew First Pregnancy (Source: Twitter)

During her 26-week pregnancy, the couple sensed something was wrong as they did not feel any movement of the child.

When they went to the hospital, they received the devastating news that the baby’s heart had stopped beating.

They had to deliver the baby immediately, and upon delivery, their baby boy, Geno, was already deceased.

However, they didn’t see it as a bad day but took it in a positive way, appreciating the opportunity to hold their baby at least once.

After the tragedy, many fans, media, and strangers came forward to support and console the couple for their loss.

Moreover, he expressed gratitude to everyone for supporting him and his wife during the difficult time.

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