Who Is Avery Booty? General Booty Sister- Any Brother?

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Avery Booty, the younger sister of an American football player, General Booty, hails from a family of incredibly talented football athletes. Growing up, the siblings witnessed their uncle playing in the NFL.

Continuing the family’s sports legacy, Avery Booty’s older sibling, General, plays as the quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners.

He is currently a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, pursuing his undergraduate degree in Communications.

However, General admits his ultimate aim is to play professional football and etch his name in NFL history.

While he realizes that his first name is distinctive, he desires to be remembered for his performances on the field.

Oklahoma Sooners Football Quarterback General Booty
Oklahoma Sooners Football Quarterback General Booty (Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph)

General Axel Booty, also known as Axel Bee, played football for four high schools before joining Tyler Junior College in 2021.

He lived in Los Angeles in 2017, where he attended Corona del Mar High School as a freshman.

Moving back and forth between Texas and Los Angeles, Booty eventually played for Allen High School as a senior in 2020.

Although he initially joined TJ College for higher education, he ultimately opted to transfer to the University of Oklahoma, believing that it boasted one of the nation’s foremost football programs.

Before shifting to Sooners, he achieved a remarkable record of 27 touchdowns and 11 interceptions during his first season with TJC.

Sister Avery And Family: Who Is Amy Booty?

General Booty was born to his parents, Abram and Amy Booty, on February 6, 2002, in Allen, Texas. 

Born to a family with contagious athletic interests, General enthusiasm for football blossomed when he was a child. 

During his childhood, he frequently accompanied his parents and sister to watch his uncle, John David’s games for the USC.

General Booty's Parents And Sister Avery
General Booty’s Parents And Sister, Avery (Source: Instagram)

Abram met General’s mom, Amy, while attending high school in Shreveport, but she did not date him then as he was younger than her.

General’s parents, Abram and Amy, crossed paths while attending high school in Shreveport. However, they did not date due to their age difference, as Genral’s dad was younger than his mother.

They later went to the same University and started hanging out together. They started dating after LSU’s 1997 Independence Bowl appearance and married soon after graduating college. 

Besides the football player, Amy and Abram together have a younger daughter named Avery. She was born in Texas, United States, on October 27, 2004.

General’s sister, Avery, is a recent high school graduate and has a passion for fashion. She is currently into modeling and is active on Instagram with over 9k followers.

Furthermore, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Chasen Corlett, and they have been together for quite some time now.

More on General Booty’s Family

The Sooners quarterback, General Booty, has lived between Texas and California for most of his life, but his family was originally from Shreveport, Louisiana.

His grandfather, Johnny Booty, was a famous football quarterback who played high school and collegiate football.

He attended Woodlawn High School, where the former NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw played football.

However, Johnny quit the sport after college and football. Later, he coached all four sons, including General’s dad, Abram, his second son.

General Booty's Uncle Josh
General Booty’s Uncle, Joshua (Source: LinkedIn)

The oldest, Joshua Booty, played football for the LSU Tigers. Initially drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 1994 MLB draft, he spent two seasons with the Marlins before returning to college.

He played in the NFL from 2001 to 2007 after the Seattle Seahawks chose him as the 177th overall pick in the draft.

Likewise, his other uncle, John David Booty, also played briefly in the NFL, having been selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL draft.

Moreover, the youngest, Jake, also embraced the quarterback position, playing for Louisiana.

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