Who Is Brady Brohm, Jeff Brohm Son? Wikipedia And Age

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The head football coach at Purdue University, Jeff Brohm’s son Brady Brohm, is a young man who is currently pursuing a degree in Sports Administration.

Brady Brohm grew up in an athletic family, with his father being an NFL player and coach. Despite his love for sports, Brady has chosen to enter the managerial field with a desire to approach sports differently than his father.

With a passion for football and a strong desire Brady has a dream of becoming General Manager in the National Football League.

Jeff Brohm During His Game
Jeff Brohm During His Game (Source: Instagram)

Jeffrey Scott Brohm is an American football coach and former quarterback. He is currently the head football coach at the University of Louisville. 

Before starting his coaching career, Brohm had a successful college football career playing for the Louisville Cardinals under coach Howard Schnellenberger from 1989 to 1993. 

After college, he played for various teams in the NFL from 1994 to 2000 and had a brief stint in the XFL in 2001. 

Brohm transitioned into coaching after his NFL career and started with the Louisville Fire in the AF2 league. He coached at several universities, including Florida Atlantic University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

In 2014, Brohm became the head coach at Western Kentucky University and then took the head coaching position at Purdue University in 2016. He returned to Louisville in 2023 as the head coach of the Louisville Cardinals football team.

Who Is Brady Brohm, Jeff Brohm Son?

Brady Brohm is a promising young talent in football and sports administration.

He is the son of Jeff Brohm, a well-known football coach, and was born in 2005; he is currently 18 years old. Brady attended Trinity High School, and after graduating, he joined his father’s coaching staff as a student assistant.

With his unique perspective and ability to relate to players and recruits, he has become an invaluable asset to the team.

Jeff Brohm With His Son Brady During Interview
Jeff Brohm With His Son Brady During Interview (Source: Saturday Tradition)

Brady is currently studying sports administration at the University of Louisville and is actively involved in the Cardinal community.

Although he doesn’t play football, he is passionate about the sport and has a keen eye for talent. His responsibilities include managing recruiting and operations, and he previously served as a “get-back” coach at Purdue. Brady’s ultimate goal is to become an NFL general manager, inspired by his family’s enduring football legacy. 

Moreover, Brady has successfully utilized social media to create and grow connections between coaches and players within the football community.

As a result, he has built an extensive network that serves as a valuable resource for those involved in the sport.

Sister Brooke Brohm Is A Volleyball Player 

Brooke Brohm is the daughter of Jeff and the younger sister of Brady Brohm. At just twelve years old, she is already making waves in the world of volleyball by showcasing her talents on a competitive stage.

Unlike her father and brother, Brooke has chosen to pursue a path in volleyball instead of football.

Jeff Brohm Daughter Brooke Brohm
Jeff Brohm’s Daughter, Brooke Brohm (Source: X)

In 2021, she won the AAU National Championship and was part of the team that won the AAU National Championship Runner-Up in 2022, along with 11 other members.

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