Who Is Casey DeBoer, Kalen Deboer Brother? Family Life & Sister

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Kalen DeBoer and his brother faced challenging childhoods marked by adversity.

However, through their unwavering bond and with the support of their sister, they not only weathered the storms of their youth but emerged victorious in life.

The DeBoer siblings, Kalen, his brother, and their sister, formed a resilient trio that tackled the difficulties of their early years hand in hand.

Kalen Deboer Taking Notes On A Field Day
Kalen Deboer Taking Notes On A Field Day (Source: RealDawgHuskies)

Kalen DeBoer was born in Milbank, South Dakota, on October 24, 1974. He is currently a football coach at the University of Washington.

DeBoer completed his schooling in his hometown from Milbank High School.

He then studied at the University of Sioux Falls, where his collegiate career began. 

DeBoer was a wide receiver with the Sioux Falls Cougars from 1993 to 1996. He was a student assistant at Sioux Falls after his football career ended in 1997.

Later, he completed his college education with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education in 1998.

DeBoer stayed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to work as an assistant coach at Washington High School.

He was named head football coach at the University of Washington on November 29, 2021.

Who Is Kalen Deboer Brother Casey DeBoer? His Sister?

Despite facing challenges during his childhood, Kalen DeBoer found strength and support through his siblings and single mother, Phylis Waterfall.

Growing up wasn’t easy, but the unity of the DeBoer family helped them weather the storm together.

Raised by his hardworking single mother, Phylis Waterfall, Kalen’s childhood was marked by financial struggles.

Phylis worked tirelessly, determined to make ends meet, often in a drug store.

Despite the difficulties, the family persevered, with Kalen and his brother, Casey, relying on each other for support.

Kalen’s parents may have parted ways, but his father remained constantly, providing valuable guidance and support.

Even though the family dynamic changed, the DeBoer children continued to receive love and care from both parents.

There Is Not A Lot Of Information On Kalen Deboer Brother
Coach Kalen Deboer (Source: IndyStar)

While not much information is available about Kalen’s brother, Casey, his presence plays a crucial role in the family’s unity.

The bond between the siblings was a source of strength as they faced the challenges that life threw at them.

As for their sister, Brenda DeBoer stands out as a successful professional.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Finance at Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union in South Dakota, Brenda has established herself as a leader in the financial sector.

Brenda’s career at Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union began in May 1985, showcasing her dedication and commitment to the organization.

With a solid educational background, she completed her Business Finance and Accounting degree from Southwest Minnesota State University, laying the foundation for her success in the financial field.

Meet One Of Kalen’s Daughter Alexis

Alexis is committed to the University of Washington’s softball team in 2022. Her father is working in the same institution. 

Pundits say Alexis is a unique player with all five tools for playing amazing softball.

She plays with unrivaled joy and always arrives on the field with a smile. She is equal parts offense and defense.

Furthermore, Alexis is an intelligent player with a potent bat who can win games with her glove.

Alexis possesses a power that will translate to the big stage, as she can quickly go up to the plate and influence the game with a single swing of the bat.

Kalen Deboer's Eldest Daughter Is A Softball Player
Kalen Deboer’s Eldest Daughter Is A Softball Player (Source: Instagram)

Her raw power is exceptional, but what distinguishes Alexis apart from other players is she is a total team player who will sacrifice herself for the team.

The youngster is incredibly dedicated to her team, commuting from Seattle to NorCal to practice and play. 

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