Who Is Chad Johnson? Coach Jimmy Johnson Son Age And Wiki

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Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson is the father of son Chad Johnson. Chad is one of Johnson’s two children with his late wife, Linda Kay Cooper.

Johnson met with his former wife, Linda, at the University of Kansas. He was a football player and a defensive lineman for the university.

The couple was married for almost three decades before parting ways in January 1990. Unfortunately, Linda passed away on 6th October 2003.

Coach Jimmy Johnson As A Sports Analyst For Fox News
Coach Jimmy Johnson As A Sports Analyst For Fox News (Source: Wikipedia)

James William Johnson is an American sports analyst from Port Arthur, Texas. Born on July 16, 1943, Johnson was also a football coach on the collegiate level for nine seasons in the National Football League (NFL). 

Johnson started his career as the head coach at Oklahoma State. However, his major contribution would come for the Dallas Cowboys, bringing them back to winning form.

Moreover, he led the Cowboys to consecutive Super Bowl titles in Super Bowl XXVII and Super Bowl XXVIII. He served the Cowboys from 1989 to 1993. 

Following his retirement from coaching after the 1999 season, Johnson has become one of the prominent sports analysts for Fox Sports. 

In 2012, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, and later, in 2020, he was again inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chad Johnson: Who Is Jimmy Johnson’s Son? 

Chad Johnson is not Jimmy Johnson’s only child; he also has another son, Brent, with his former wife.

There are no official records of when the Johnson children were born. Further, they are also not active on any social platforms, making it difficult to speculate when they were born. 

Jimmy Johnson With His Sons Chad And Brent Johnson
Jimmy Johnson With His Sons Chad And Brent Johnson (Source: KTLA)

However, Chad found success as a stockbroker on Wall Street, which led to him owning fancy cars and lavish homes.

However, he struggled for much of his life with alcoholism. When his boss of 13 years gave him an ultimatum to either quit or seek treatment, Chad opted for the latter. 

Unfortunately, a half-hearted effort at sobriety saw him lose his job in 2001. Furthermore, he also lost all his wealth and the trappings of success.

In addition to that, he was unmarried and had no family of his own. When his father cut him off financially, Chad hit rock bottom. 

To make things worse, he ended up in the hospital because alcohol had severely weakened his immune system.

Surprisingly, this incident acted as a wake-up call for Chad, shortly after which he entered the Tampa halfway house.

Luckily, Chad fully recovered and began to see sobriety as more than just a goal; it became his way of life.

Additionally, he founded Tranquil Shores, an organization dedicated to helping recovering and recurring addicts. 

Beating Alcoholism

Chad Johnson’s fight with alcoholism to sobriety was no easy feat. For Chad, alcohol was the only sense of relief he could get his hands on. 

However, that all changed when he made sobriety and healthy living his objective in life. He started by making short-term goals and trying to accomplish them.

In no time, Chad started hanging out with sober friends. Additionally, he started making more thought-out decisions, including using his addiction battle to help others.

Chad Johnson At His Office At Tranquil Shores
Chad Johnson At His Office At Tranquil Shores (Source: Miami Herald)

Furthermore, he believed he had developed an effective approach to aid those struggling with addiction.

Using this example, Chad launched Tranquil Shores to assist people seeking sobriety.

Fortunately, the organization has been a lifeline for many recovering addicts throughout the years.

Likewise, what began with three employees has now grown to 33, all committed to supporting people in recovery.

According to his company’s website, Chad now lives with his wife and two dogs, Cali (an English Mastiff) and Sam (a Golden Retriever).

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