Who Is Cheyassin Secka? Lakers Star Dennis Schroder Brother

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Dennis Schroder and his brother Cheyassin Secka grew up in Germany practicing Islam. Cheyassin is a step-brother to Dennis, and they have an old sister named Awa.

Dennis Schroder, the Los Angeles Lakers star, was raised through hardships in Germany alongside his siblings, Cheyassin and Awa. Often talked about his looks, Dennis faced much prejudice for being a person of color.

Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Dennis Schroder Looks Ready To Take His Shot In A Game Held In February 2023
Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Dennis Schroder Looks Ready To Take His Shot In A Game Held In February 2023 (Source: Facebook)

The same can be said about his older brother, Cheyassin, who has always supported his little brother’s career. Born to Fatou Njie, the siblings share a strong bond, reflected on their social media handles. 

The sibling bond has also translated into a business partnership. Dennis and Cheyassin own a basketball team in Germany. 

Currently, the Lakers point guard, Dennis Schroder, with LeBron James, is helping his side to a playoff victory against Memphis Grizzlies.

Who Is Dennis Schroder Brother Cheyassin Secka?

The older brother of Dennis Schroder, Cheyassin Secka, is one of his business partners. 

Five years older than his little brother, Cheyassin Secka, he manages the German basketball team, Basketball Löwen Braunschweig. 

The story of Löwen Braunschweig and Dennis was no less than a fairytale. He started his basketball career at Löwen in 2011.

By 2020, Dennis became the sole owner of the club. He was also helped by his older brother in the management side of the business. 

But before he dabbled in basketball, Cheyassin was a star name at Braunschweig’s Prinz-Albrecht skatepark. In an interview with Bleacher Report in 2017, Cheyassin revealed he had earned a clothing and equipment sponsorship from a local store. 

Dennis Schroder Pictured With His Older Brother Cheyassin Secka
Dennis Schroder Pictured With His Older Brother Cheyassin Secka (Source: Facebook)

Their mother, Fatou, was not a big fan of her two sons’ interest in skateboarding. She wanted them to stray away from the sport and focus on something else. 

As they got older, Dennis made his name in NBA, and Secka decided to stay away from the public limelight. Fueled by his brother’s words, Dennis wanted to make a name in NBA, and so he did. 

In the same interview with Bleacher Report, Cheyassin said there was no other like Dennis, and he was something special. 

In 2019, during FIBA Basketball World Cup, Cheyassin supported his little brother after Germany was sent packing home by the Dominican Republic.

After the game, Dennis received several racist attacks from the so-called “fans” against whom Cheyassin spoke out on his Instagram handle. 

Though his Instagram handle is now deactivated, Cheyassin wrote fans that their abusive behavior was embarrassing. 

Dennis Schroder Family Life 

Dennis Schroder’s family always knew he was a special kid. And Dennis certainly didn’t let his family down. The 29-year-old, since moving from Germany, has become a household name in the NBA.

He saw his parents, Axel and Fatou, separate at a young age. When he was 16, his father, Axel, passed away suddenly after heart failure. 

Since then, the Lakers star has been the glue that has held his family. On his Facebook page, Dennis has shared several pictures with his mom, Fatou, and siblings. 

Currently, Dennis is married to his childhood sweetheart, Ellen Ziolo. The two met during their time at school and started dating when they were teenagers. 

Dennis Schroder Pictured With His Wife Ellen And His Three Kids During A Basketball Game
Dennis Schroder Pictured With His Wife Ellen And His Three Kids During A Basketball Game (Source: Instagram)

Two years older than her husband, Ellen, works as a model, and the two even have three kids together since getting married in 2019.

Their first child, a baby boy, Dennis Jr, was born in February 2019, and their second child, a daughter, Imalia Dennis Jr, was born in August 2020.

The latest addition to the family was in December 2022, with Dennis sharing the news of his newborn baby on his Instagram handle.

Dennis keeps his fans updated about his family life through his Instagram page, where he boasts a following of 2 million. 

Currently, the point guard is focused on helping his side in the playoffs against Memphis Grizzlies. After an injury scare, Dennis was cleared to play in Game 3 against the Grizzlies, helping his side to a 111-101 victory. 

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