Who Is Dawn Pollard, Scot Pollard Wife? Awaiting Heart Transplant

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While Scot Pollard achievements in basketball have garnered widespread attention, his wife, Dawn, is equally worthy of recognition.

She has religiously stood alongside him as a steadfast supporter in the form of a devoted wife with unwavering belief.

Retired American Professional Basketball Athlete Scot Pollard
Retired American Professional Basketball Athlete Scot Pollard (Source: ESPN)

Scot Pollard, a former American professional basketball athlete, retired from the NBA in 2008. 

During his 11-year tenure in the NBA, he showcased his skills for five distinct teams, primarily representing the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers.

After attending the University of Kansas, the Detroit Pistons selected him as the 19th pick in the 1997 NBA draft.

Pollard consistently reached NBA playoffs, including the 2007 Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and won a championship with Boston. 

Who Is The Wife Of Scot Pollard?

Scot Pollard, the former NBA player, married Dawn Michelle Degasperis in September 2013.

Dawn, born in Denver, Colorado, on September 13, 1978, comes from a rich cultural background, melding Italian and Thai ancestry.

Her parents, Robert and Vasana Degasperis, instilled in her the principles of resilience and empathy.

Tragically, Dawn’s father, a US Army veteran who served during Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War, succumbed to kidney cancer in 2000.

This profound loss left an indelible mark on Dawn’s life, fueling her determination to overcome adversity.

Scot Pollard With Wife, Dawn Pollard
Scot Pollard With Wife, Dawn Pollard (Source: Carmel Monthly)

She is a motorcycle enthusiast, hairstylist, and model passionate about life.

Furthermore, Dawn fulfills the booking agent and coordinator role for her husband, Scot Pollard.

Moreover, at the core of Dawn and Scot’s beliefs lies a profound dedication to contributing to their community.

From domestic violence awareness to supporting local charities, the Pollards have embraced generosity and community-mindedness.

Their work with the Julian Center demonstrates a commitment to fostering empathy in their community.

Why Is Dawn Pollard Waiting For Heart Transplant?

Scot Pollard spent over a decade in the NBA, achieving a championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008.

However, now, it’s not his formidable stature that dominates the headlines but somewhat his dire need for a heart transplant.

His life took an unexpected turn when Scot’s heart required the urgent necessity for a transplant.

It must have been weakened by a genetic condition possibly triggered by a virus contracted in 2021.

Scot Pollard In Need Of Heart Transplant
Scot Pollard In Need Of Heart Transplant (Source: WTHR)

Finding a compatible heart donor poses a significant challenge due to the requirement for a pump robust enough to sustain his large frame.

Admitted to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Scot awaits a donor, with the chances of finding a match very slim.

At nearly 7 feet tall and weighing 260 pounds, his unique physical attributes narrow the pool of potential donors.

Scot’s situation is influenced by genetics inherited from his late father, who passed away from the same condition.

Despite the gravity of his situation, Scot maintains a resilient spirit with the unwavering support of his wife, Dawn.

Dawn stands by his side as they navigate the complexities of the transplant process.

Together, they confront the harsh realities of Scot’s diagnosis while clinging to hope for a brighter future.

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