Who Is Diana Farley? Brooks Robinson Daughter

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Baltimore Orioles legend Brooks Robinson tragically passed away on September 26, 2023. The baseball star is survived by his daughter, Diana Farley, and other family members. 

On Tuesday evening, Robinson’s family, along with the Baltimore Orioles, in a joint statement, announced the sad news. The statement read, 

“We are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of Brooks Robinson. An integral part of our Orioles Family since 1955, he will continue to leave a lasting impact on our club, our community, and the sport of baseball.”

Orioles Legend Brooks
Orioles Legend Brooks Robinson (Source: The New York Times)

Brooks Calbert Robinson Jr. (May 18, 1937 – September 26, 2023) was an iconic figure in American baseball history.

Known as “the Human Vacuum Cleaner” or “Mr. Hoover,” he earned his place as the greatest defensive third baseman ever in Major League Baseball.

Spending his entire illustrious career with the Baltimore Orioles from 1955 to 1977, Robinson’s impact on the game was monumental.

With a remarkable 16 consecutive Gold Glove Awards, his defensive prowess set records that stood the test of time.

Beyond his exceptional fielding, he was a driving force behind the Orioles’ resurgence, contributing to four AL pennants and two World Series titles.

Robinson’s legacy as a baseball legend was further solidified when he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983, making him the first third baseman to achieve this honor in his inaugural year of eligibility.

Who Is Diana Farley? Brooks Robinson Daughter

Brooks Robinson Daughter, Diana Farley, was born to legendary Brooks Robinson and Constance Louise “Connie” Butcher. Besides Diana, her parents had three other children named Brooks David, Christopher, and Michael Robinson. 

Diana’s parents first crossed paths in 1959 during an Orioles team flight. At the time, Constance was serving as a flight attendant for United Airlines, and their fateful meeting occurred during a flight from Kansas City to Boston.

Diana is married to Wayne Farley, and together, they have three children, including two daughters and a son named Grant Farley.

Grant Farley
Grant Farley, Son Of Diana Farley (Source: X)

Grant is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Economy at Duke University. There, he also plays collegiate soccer. The young athlete previously attended the prestigious Gilman School.

Diana maintains a private life, staying largely out of the media spotlight. Therefore, not much is known about her. 

Diana Was Very Close With Her Father 

Despite Diana’s deliberate absence from the public eye, her strong bond with her father was evident to those who knew them.

In April 2011, when her father was released from the hospital, Diana and her son Grant were by his side, offering support during a challenging time.

Diana then expressed her gratitude to the media, saying, “Everybody loves him so much. We’re just glad he’s out of the hospital.”

Back then, fans of Brooks Robinson eagerly gathered to obtain autographs from the baseball icon, which shows the impact he had on the lives of many.

Diana must have felt immense pride in her father’s remarkable legacy. Her closeness to him undoubtedly made his passing in September 2023 a profound loss for her and her family.

We wish that Diana and her family find the strength to continue after their beloved patriarch’s passing. 

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Brooks Robinson daughter?

Brooks Robinson daughter is Diana Farley. 

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