Who Is Dusty Baker Step Mom? Age And Wikipedia

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The conversation about Dusty Baker’s stepmom age has everybody on the internet scratching their heads. Many believe she is in her 90s, and some think she could be younger than the Astros manager. 

After being ejected in Game 5 against the Rangers in the ongoing championship series, Dusty Baker’s stepmom called him to let him know her disappointment towards his behavior.

Dusty Baker Seen Bringing His Plant Out For Much Needed Sun Before Game 7
Dusty Baker Seen Bringing His Plant Out For Much Needed Sun Before Game 7 (Source: X)

Even Baker admitted feeling embarrassed that at age 74, his stepmom took his full government name on the cellphone. But the Astros still managed to win the game. 

The winning momentum fell flat in Game 6, with the Rangers taking the win. The decisive Game 7 will be played at Minute Maid Park, with many looking forward to witnessing Max Scherzer vs Cristian Javier. 

Who Is Dusty Baker Stepmom? Age And Wikipedia

Dusty Baker’s stepmom and her age have created all sorts of confusion among baseball fans on the internet. Many are questioning whether it is one of those cases where the stepmom is younger than the child. 

After being ejected by the umpires in Game 5 against the Rangers, someone was very upset by Dusty’s behavior. It was his stepmom. 

In his interview, the Houston Astros manager said he could visualize his stepmother wrinkling her brow and shaking her head in disgust. He also mentioned his stepmom called him by his whole name, including Jr. 

After reading this, many fans were in awe, knowing the manager had such a strong bond with his family. But many were questioning how old was Dusty’s stepmom. 

Dusty Baker Pictured Looking At The Crowd During A Game Earlier This Year
Dusty Baker Pictured Looking At The Crowd During A Game Earlier This Year (Source: X)

One Reddit user wrote Baker’s stepmom must have incredible genes or is way younger than his dad. To give some context, Dusty Baker’s father, Johnnie B Baker Sr. passed away in 2009 at 84 years of age.

His biological mother, Christine Baker, left the world in January 2022 at 90. In his father’s obituary, the name Mary Alice has been mentioned, but we aren’t sure whether she is the woman Dusty talked about in his interview. 

One X user (formerly Twitter) wrote, “Dusty Baker stepmom is still alive? She would have to be in her 90s unless it is one of those he is older than his stepmom situations.”

Another user commented on the post, “I think if I am younger than my stepson, I would not be texting him a scolding text message using government name.”

What the user said made sense. However, we do not know much about Dusty Baker’s family dynamic. Another X user wrote how a woman in her 90s knows how to use a cellphone. 

But she could have been helped by someone else in the family to come in contact with the Astros manager. 

Houston Astros Vs. Texas Rangers In Game 7

Though Dusty might have been ejected in Game 5 by the umpires, it didn’t stop his team from rallying to a 5-4 comeback win. 

So, going into Game 6, the momentum was in the Astros’ favor. But the team blew it as the Texas Rangers won 9-2.

The teams will play the deciding game at Minute Maid Park on Monday, with the Texas Rangers unbeaten in the last four games at the Astros’ home. The oddsmakers have favored the Astros, but only a little bit. 

Astros And Rangers Will Play The Decisive Game 7 At Minute Maid Park
Astros And Rangers Will Play The Decisive Game 7 At Minute Maid Park (Source: X)

They are at -130 on the money line, while the Rangers are at +110. It will also be the matchup between Max Scherzer and Cristian Javier. Rangers traded for Max Scherzer earlier this year in the summer, and this game will prove whether the move was a hit or a miss. 

Javier has pitched 10.2 innings and allowed only two earned runs in his two starts. He has also allowed four hits and has struck out 12 in the playoffs. FOX Sports has favored the Astros to win against the Rangers, with the win probabilities at 52 and 48%.

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