Who Is Emily Cavalaris? Tommy Rees Wife To Be- Wedding Date

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Tommy Rees Wife-To-Be: Fans have limited knowledge about the offensive coordinator’s future spouse. She rarely appears, maintaining an air of mystery.

According to sources, Tommy Rees, the former quarterback turned coach, is engaged to a girl named Emily Cavalaris.

But who is the sweetheart of the offensive coordinator? Let’s learn about the offensive coordinator’s significant other.

Alabama offensive coordinator Tommy K Rees
Alabama offensive coordinator Tommy K Rees (Source: Irish Sports Daily)

Tommy Rees, also known as Thomas Kevin Rees, was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. But he grew up in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

Tommy Rees, an accomplished American football coach and former player, currently holds the offensive coordinator position for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

During his freshman year at Notre Dame, Rees played a limited role in games against Michigan and Navy.

He then took early action against Tulsa when the starting quarterback, Dayne Crist, ruptured his patellar tendon.

Later, Tommy became a quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Thomas then started his coaching career with stints at Northwestern, San Diego, and Notre Dame.

Currently, Rees serves as the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Tommy Rees’ Engagement: A Peek into the Private Life of His Mystery Fiancee

Rees’s Alabama bio reports that Tommy Rees has been engaged to Emily Cavalaris for some time now.

Moreover, Tommy shared a picture featuring his fiancée proudly displaying a hat with the words “Run The Damn Ball” on it.

However, in addition to the hat, fans also noticed a diamond ring on her ring finger, confirming their engagement.

Tommy Rees Fiancee
Tommy Rees Fiancee With Run The Damn Ball Hat (Source: Twitter/X)

All in all, Rees’ wife-to-be made sure she didn’t reveal her face and identity.

Emily avoids exposure to the media and Rees’s fans. Also, in all her pictures seen on social media, she covers her face.

She maintains a private persona, keeping her husband-to-be fans curious.

Currently, the couple is head over heels with their relationship.

However, they seem to be taking a measured approach and are not rushing into the next stage of their commitment to marriage.

Amid the absence of any official wedding plans, the couple is savoring this new chapter in their lives.

Why is Rees Being Criticized?

Alabama fans and college football enthusiasts, as a whole, are pressuring Tommy Rees and criticizing him significantly.

People started criticizing him after a puzzling play call on the final play of the Crimson Tide’s 27-20 overtime loss in the Rose Bowl on Jan 2, 2024.

Alabama’s offensive line couldn’t protect Jalen Milroe well. It led to him getting sacked four times. Also, the Crimson Tide didn’t try throwing the ball deep down the field.

However, Rees allowed Michigan’s defense to dictate the game instead of planning to attack the Wolverines.

In the end, it boiled down to an issue of execution. However, many college football fans expressed their opinions on the matter. They targeted Rees in the process.

Some criticized Tommy for not making any adjustments in the case. It didn’t seem promising to them.

Tommy Rees With Notre Dame Player
Tommy Rees With Notre Dame Player (Source: ND Insider)

Likewise, one wrote,

“Tommy Rees, that’s what you dialed up on 4th and goal? That’s one of the worst play calls I’ve seen.”

However, this is not the first time people have criticized him, or he has been in controversy.

Tommy faced charges of resisting law enforcement. Additionally, he faced charges of illegally consuming alcohol as a minor.

He apparently fled from an off-campus party after alcohol consumption.

In 2012, Head Coach Brian Kelly suspended Rees for the season’s first game after the junior quarterback was arrested.

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