Who Is Jenna Head Beaver, Joe Beaver Wife? Son Brody & Net Worth

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Joe Beaver and his beloved wife, Jenna Head Beaver, have shared a journey of love spanning several decades. Throughout their enduring marriage, they have faced both joy and sorrow, including the profound loss of a child.

In her youth, Jenna dazzled as a skilled barrel dancer, leaving an indelible mark on her body that still reflects the grace and strength of those captivating performances.

Joe Beaver Giving A Speech In Texas
Joe Beaver Giving A Speech In Texas (Source: Facebook)

Joe Beaver, born in Victoria, Texas, in 1965, is one of the greatest rodeo ropers of recent years.

As a twenty-year-old, he entered the PRCA and won the Resistol Overall and Calf Roping Rookie-of-the-Year awards. He also won the first of his five World Champion Calf Roping titles.

Joe Beaver has had his greatest success in the calf-roping event. He was competing in calf roping, team roping, and steer roping.

Beaver won his first gold tie-down roping buckle as a rookie at the Thomas & Mack in 1985, the year the NFR relocated to Las Vegas.

In 1987 and 1988, he won the Coors Chute-Out and Dodge Truck Series. On top of that, he also won the NFR average titles in calf roping in 1987, 1988, 1992, and 1996.

Beaver also won the calf-roping championships in Fort Worth and Houston the following year.

His ability as a team roping header, paired with his calf roping abilities, earned him World Champion All-Around Cowboy titles in 1995 and 1996.

Who Was Joe Beaver Wife, Jenna Head Beaver? 

Joe is happily married to his wife and resides in Huntsville, Texas. His wife, Jenna, used to be a skilled barrel racer during her younger days.

Now, she is the owner of Frameworks and Art Gallery. The couple love each other very dearly and seem to be inseparable. 

Jenna can always accompany her husband on his rodeos and other trips. She is also very close with all of Joe’s friends and colleagues. 

Joe Beaver Along With His Wife Jenna And Fellow Rodeo Star John
Joe Beaver, Along With His Wife Jenna And Fellow Rodeo Star John (Source: Facebook)

In one of his Facebook posts, Joe writes, “Jenna is not going to miss his roping this week.” A friendly banter to young rodeo star John Douch.

His Son Brody (Deceased) 

In 2011, tragedy struck Joe and his wife as their son, Brody, passed away. Unfortunately, he died on the morning of Aug 24, 2011, in Houston. He was 20.

Their son had achieved recognition by qualifying for the National High School Finals Rodeo in 2008-09. Young Brody made his father proud after winning the cutting horse title in ’09.

He also appeared in the 2002 film Grand Champion and was a Top Model of the Modeling Association of America International, Inc. in 2005. Furthermore, Brody was also a National Cutting Horse Association Top 15 Amateur in 2008.

Joe Beaver Net Worth

Joe Beaver’s illustrious rodeo career is a testament to both skill and financial success, with expected total career earnings reaching an impressive $3,094,415.

Notably, he achieved a significant milestone by amassing over half a million dollars within a decade, showcasing the lucrative nature of the sport for those who excel in it.

In 2019, despite finishing 204th in the team roping world standings, Joe effortlessly secured $5,519, highlighting the rewarding potential even in lower rankings.

Rewinding to 2012, he claimed the 101st position in team roping (header) world standings, pocketing $8,800.

Joe Beaver In The Cover Of Cowboy Magazine
Joe Beaver In The Cover Of Cowboy Magazine (Source: Facebook)

The preceding year, 2011, witnessed him finishing 200th globally with earnings totaling $3,309. In 2010, he clinched the 98th spot in team roping, raking in an impressive $9,668.

Joe Beaver’s standing as the fourth-highest earner in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) adds a crowning achievement to his career.

Through 2010, he accumulated a remarkable $2,973,352, solidifying his legacy as one of the sport’s financial stalwarts.

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