Who Is JoAnn Gastineau, Mark Gastineau Wife? Wikipedia And Age

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Mark Gastineau, who experienced several failed relationships, is now living happily with his current wife, JoAnn Gastineau.

The couple tied the knot in 2007 and have remained deeply connected for over 16 years.

Let’s shed light on Mark Gastineau’s beautiful love story with JoAnn Gastineau.

The Former New York Jets' Defensive Lineman Mark Gastineau
The Former New York Jets’ Defensive Lineman Mark Gastineau (Source: Facebook)

Mark Gastineau was born on November 20, 1956, in Ardmore, Oklahoma, to parents Ernie and Lou Gastineau.

He is a former American football player who is best known for his remarkable career as a defensive lineman with the New York Jets in the National Football League (NFL).

Gastineau excelled at East Central University before his 1979 NFL Draft selection by the New York Jets.

In the early 1980s, he emerged as a dominant NFL pass rusher. His aggressive style popularized the sack dance celebration after he took down opposing quarterbacks.

The 1984 AFC Defensive Player of the Year set an NFL record with 22 sacks, which was later broken by Michael Strahan in 2000. 

Furthermore, his other career boasts the 1982 NFL Defensive Player of the Year title, 5 times Pro Bowl championships, and leading the NFL sacks twice.

Mark Gastineau Wife: Who Is JoAnn Gastineau?

Mark Gastineau, once a formidable force on the football field, now enjoys a joyful life with his loving wife, JoAnn Gastineau.

Their love story proves resilience, as Mark overcame several relationship setbacks to find his true soulmate.

In the grand narrative of his life, Mark’s love story with JoAnn takes centre stage.

They started their eternal journey in 2007, tying the knot, and for over 16 wonderful years, they’ve been inseparable.

Mark Gastineau Wife JoAnn Gastineau
Mark Gastineau Wife JoAnn Gastineau (Source: Instagram)

Their strong bond has survived life’s storms, proving that true love can conquer all obstacles.

Gastineau’s transformation from a sports legend to a devoted husband is a captivating story of redemption and new beginnings.

Through life’s ups and downs, Mark discovered solace and unconditional love in his wife, JoAnn’s embrace.

Mark Gastineau Has Two Kids From Previous Relationships

Mark and JoAnn Gastineau do not have any kids, but the former has two children from his previous relationships. 

As mentioned above, JoAnn was involved in a couple of relationships. His first wife, Lisa Gastineau (D’Amico), was discovered as a teen model in her earlier years. 

The University of Alabama graduate majored in broadcast/communications. She was 19 when she crossed paths with her then-husband, Mark Gastineau. 

They got married in 1979 and welcomed their only daughter, Brittny Gastineau, on November 11, 1982. They later separated in 1986.

Mark Gastineau With His Former Fiancee Brigitte Nielsen
Mark Gastineau With His Former Fiancee Brigitte Nielsen (Source: X)

In 1988, while married to Lisa, Gastineau announced engagement to actress Brigitte Nielsen, later becoming a father to her son, Killian Gastineau.

Mark and Nielsen split amid abuse rumours linked to Gastineau’s steroid use, revealing his troubled relationships with women.

Additionally, the former defensive end also has another wife, Patricia Schorr. Mark walked down the aisle with his second wife, Schorr, in September 1997.

Not long after their marriage, the former NFL star, popular for a history of domestic abuse, was arrested for slapping and punching Patricia.

Similarly, he was again arrested for violating a court, going to Patricia’s Queens home, repeatedly ringing the doorbell and refusing to leave.

After he estranged from Mrs. Schorr in August 1999, he again faced another arrest for injuring his girlfriend by extinguishing a lit cigarette on her arm.

Divorce Settlement

As mentioned earlier, Mark separated from his first spouse, Lisa Gastineau (D’Amico), in 1986, and their divorce concluded in 1991.

The former NFL All-Pro Gastineau left divorce proceedings asset-less, as the judge ordered him to pay 85 weeks of child support and other obligations.

Mark Gastineau's Former Wife Lisa Gastineaus And Their Daughter Brittny Gastineau
Mark Gastineau’s Former Wife, Lisa Gastineaus, And Their Daughter, Brittny Gastineau (Source: Daily Mail)

His former wife was granted divorce due to cruelty and received a portion of Mark’s $500,000 Jets forfeiture from his 1988 exit.

Therefore, Lisa Gastineau (D’Amico) earned their $430,000 home and $18,500 yearly for maintenance and child support in their divorce settlement.

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