Who Is Kitty Duterte, Evan Nelle Girlfriend? Parents And Nationality

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Evan Nelle’s girlfriend? Rumors abound that the basketball player Evan Nelle is romantically involved with the daughter of a former high-ranking official in their country.

Recently, the rising basketball champion in the Philippines secured the UAAP championship. In addition to this, there was another incident that made the headlines.

He celebrated the win with his rumored girlfriend, Kitty Duterte, a well-known figure in their country.

Even Nelle De La Salle Point Monitor
Evan Nelle De La Salle Point Guard (Source: Instagram)

Evan Nelle, the point guard for De La Salle University, was born on 31 July 2000 to his father, Eric, and mother, Marivic.

Adhering to league residency rules, Evan debuted with DLSU Green Archers in 2023.

He got his athletic attributes from his parents, who are former athletes, too. His father is a former professional basketball player. Achieving a remarkable record himself, Eric passed on a remarkable legacy to his son.

Similarly, his mother is a former volleyball player in her own right.

Who Is Kitty Duterte? Where Is She From?

Kitty Duterte was born to Rodrigo Duterte and Honeylet Avancena in the Philippines on April 10, 2004.

Evan’s girlfriend got her name Kitty from her father; however, her real name is Veronica Duterte.

She clarified that the inspiration for the name Kitty didn’t come from a cat but rather from a shortened form of the word “kiti-kiti,” the Filipino term for mosquito larvae.

Her parents called her Kiti because she displayed mischievous behavior since her childhood.

Veronica is widely recognized as the daughter of the 16th President of the Philippines. Her father, Rodrigo, served as the president of the Philippines from June 30, 2016, to June 30, 2022.

Evan Nelle Girlfriend Veronica Kitty Duterte
Evan Nelle Girlfriend Veronica Kitty Duterte (Source: Instagram)

Her mother, Cielito “Honeylet” Salvador Avanceña, was not designated as the first lady of the Philippines, given that she and Rodrigo are not officially married.

Kitty’s father was previously married to Elizabeth Abellana Zimmerman, a Jewish woman who had fled Germany, before entering a relationship with Kitty’s mother.

Apart from her status as the former president’s daughter, Veronica is a social media influencer and model and serves as the brand ambassador for a beauty brand.

The former president’s first wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, gave birth to three children in the Duterte family: Sara Duterte, Sebastian Z. Duterte, and Paolo Duterte.

Evan Nelle And Kitty Duterte Relationship

Though the two have not officially confirmed their relationship, it is apparent how sweet and caring they are toward each other.

The duo frequently goes on dates, enjoying quality time with each other. Moreover, on several occasions, media and fans have spotted them having dinner with each other’s parents.

After the De La Salle University athlete’s team won the UAAP Season 86 men’s basketball final against the UP Fighting Maroons, Evan took a moment to share a warm hug with Veronica amid the celebration.

Evan Nelle And Kitty Duterte After UAAP Win
Evan Nelle And Kitty Duterte After UAAP Win (Source: Phil Star Life)

Later, this moment went viral among fans of Veronica and La Salle.

In an interview, Evan acknowledged Kitty’s significant support throughout his professional journey.

“She’s been with me through my journey. I thank her a lot. She keeps me sane and happy,” he said.

Similarly, in another interview, Kitty conveyed her pride in Evan, saying, “Seeing all his hard work and dedication, I’m really proud.”

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