Who Is Eric Nelle, Evan Nelle Father? Mother Mia & Family

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Evan Nelle Father: Evan Nelle, born on July 31, 2000, is a dynamic 23-year-old basketball prodigy, undoubtedly inheriting his exceptional athletic prowess from his illustrious parents.

His father, Eric Nelle, is a notable figure in professional basketball, and Evan proudly carries this legacy forward.

Evan has been making waves in the professional basketball scene lately.

Nelle not only secured a triumphant UAAP championship but also found himself enveloped in a congratulatory embrace from his ‘rumored’ girlfriend, Kitty Duterte.

The heartwarming moment unfolded on the court after the De La Salle Green Archers clinched a hard-fought victory against the University of the Philippines with a score of 73-69, marking the school’s first men’s basketball championship in seven years.

Evan Nelle
Evan Nelle Working Out (Source: Instagram)

In a stellar performance, Nelle showcased his prowess by contributing 12 points, seven assists, and six rebounds, efficiently steering La Salle’s offense during 33 minutes of intense gameplay.

The electrifying match unfolded before a captivated audience of 25,192 fans, setting a record as the highest attendance for any basketball game held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Among the sea of spectators, one figure stood out – Kitty Duterte, the daughter of former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

As the Green Archers reveled in their well-deserved celebration after the final buzzer, Kitty expressed her pride and joy by giving Evan Nelle a heartfelt hug, adding a layer of significance to the memorable victory.

Evan Nelle Father: Eric Nelle Is A Former Basketball Player | Parents

Evan Nelle was born on July 31, 2000, to his father Eric, and mother Marivic Nelle.

With an impressive record of his own, Evan Nelle is making waves on the basketball court, showcasing the unmistakable influence of his sporting lineage.

His innate talent and skill are a testament to the playing genes passed down from his father, Eric Nelle, and mother, Mia Nelle.

Evan With His Mother Mia
Evan With His Mother, Mia (Source: Instagram)

Notably, Mia herself is a former volleyball player, adding another layer to the family’s athletic pedigree.

The Nelle family’s sporting heritage is vividly evident as Evan navigates the basketball court, where he seamlessly weaves together skill, determination, and the unmistakable legacy of his accomplished parents.

Evan Nelle Rumored Girlfriend Kitty Duterte

Speculation surrounds the romantic connection between Kitty Duterte and De La Salle University (DLSU) basketball standout Evan Nelle.

The genesis of these dating rumors can be traced back to a lighthearted exchange on social media, sparking curiosity and interest among their followers.

Fueling the gossip mill further, numerous netizens have surmised that the duo may have shared a concert experience, particularly at a Post Malone event.

Evan With His Rumored Girlfriend
Evan With His Rumored Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

While the nature of their relationship remains speculative, the online banter and shared interests have intensified the buzz surrounding their possible romantic involvement.

Adding a political touch to the saga, Senator Bong Go took to Facebook to share photos capturing Evan Nelle and Kitty together, alongside the former President, Rodrigo Duterte.

The images, posted by a prominent figure, have only served to amplify the intrigue and fascination surrounding the rumored relationship between the DLSU basketball player and the daughter of the former Philippine President.

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