Who Is Levi Ashcroft? Will Ashcroft Brother

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Levi Ashcroft is the younger brother of AFL star Will Ashcroft. Although the brothers share an age gap of two years, they have a shared passion for football. 

Levi is connected to the Lions as a father-son prospect. The prospect of the Ashcroft brothers wearing the Brisbane Lions jersey together is a shared dream both Will and Levi cherish.

Will Ashcroft
AFL Player Will Ashcroft (Source: Brisbane Lions)

Will Ashcroft is a talented Australian rules footballer who plays for the prestigious Brisbane Lions Football Club in the AFL.

He was drafted as the second pick under the father-son rule, following in the footsteps of his father, Marcus Ashcroft.

Will’s football journey began at the age of six, impressing the Gold Coast Suns at ten. He honed his skills in various Queensland teams before shining with the Sandringham Dragons, earning the Larke Medal and captaincy.

Ashcroft was chosen to play for the Brisbane Lions in the 2022 AFL Draft. He is widely considered the best player in the 2022 draft class by AFL club recruiters.

Who Is Levi Ashcroft? Will Ashcroft Brother

Levi Ashcroft is the younger brother of Will Ashcroft. Although the brothers share an age difference of 2 years, they have a shared passion for rules football. 

Levi Ashcroft was born on December 18, 2006, to his parents, Marcus and Bekky Ashcroft. Father Marcus is a notable figure in AFL history, having played for both the Brisbane Bears and the Brisbane Lions.

The father achieved remarkable success with the Lions, securing three AFL premierships and accumulating over 300 games of experience.

Levi Ashcroft
Will Ashcroft Brother, Levi Ashcroft (Source: X)

While Marcus’s influence on both Levi’s and Will’s football career is undeniable, both emphasize that he serves more as a source of support rather than a coach.

Levi highlights their father’s approach, saying, “He wanted to let us forge our own paths and not get caught up with what he achieved. He’s there for us when we need him, but he’s never pushed us.”

Although Levi has been discussed in the media for his gameplay, very little is discussed about his personal life. Will’s younger brother uses Instagram but has made it private. 

Ashcroft Brothers And Football 

Levi is making significant strides in Australian rules football as an under-18 player for the Sandringham Dragons in the Coates Talent League.

Will sees Levi’s potential as an AFL player and recognizes the similarities in their playing styles, stating, “He’s got a long way to go, but we’re very similar players in a lot of ways.”

Levi’s potential in the AFL is further heightened by the possibility of joining the Brisbane Lions under the father–son rule in 2024. 

Will, Levi, And Father Marcus
Marcus And His Sons Will (Left) And Levi (Right) (Source: Fox Sports)

Dreaming of a future together in the AFL, Will expressed his desire to play alongside Levi at the top level, reminiscing about their experience playing together for the Sandringham Dragons and winning a premiership.

Levi’s versatility is a standout attribute, as he has played various roles in his young career, including half-forward, showcasing his adaptability and skill set. Both brothers take pride in their ability to win contests and contribute to the scoreboard.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Will Ashcroft brother?

Will Ashcroft brother is Levi Ashcroft. 

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