Who Is Lisa Pavin? Corey Pavin Wife: Relationship Details

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Corey Pavin’s wife, Lisa Pavin, never deterred from supporting her husband. Lisa tied the knot with the golfer in 2003 and shares a daughter.

In 2010, when Corey captained Team USA for the Ryder Cup, Lisa made the most headlines. She called herself the Captainess and even made the front page of magazines.

Team USA lost to Team Europe, with the latter staging a comeback to win the event 14½ to 13½. The tournament went down as the Lisa Pavin Ryder Cup, with how much she was involved. 

Corey Pavin Pictured In 2020 During The Charles Schwab Series
Corey Pavin Pictured In 2020 During The Charles Schwab Series (Source: Instagram)

Ahead of the Ryder Cup tournament on Friday, a celebrity all-star match made buzz in Rome. The American golfer returned to captain his side and faced Colin Montgomerie’s side. 

Team Pavin had F1 driver Carlos Sainz and former soccer player Andriy Shevchenko. Team Monty had the likes of Gareth Bale and Novak Djokovic, with the latter taking an impressive 7-4 victory.

Corey Pavin Wife, Lisa Pavin 

Corey Pavin’s wife, Lisa Pavin, was a famous name among golf viewers in the early 2010s. Her controversies would make it to the front page of top publications. 

Lisa Pavin comes from a South Vietnamese heritage and is the daughter of a naval officer. Her family settled in the US in 1974, and Lisa grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. Amongst golf WAGs, Lisa was truly one of a kind. 

She never backed down when it came to defending her husband and was fearless in front of the television. Her fearless attitude stemmed from the fact that she raised her brother and sisters by herself after her mother’s demise when she was 11.

Lisa Pavin Pictured With Her Daughter, Alexis Pavin In 2022
Lisa Pavin Pictured With Her Daughter, Alexis Pavin In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

At one point, Lisa entered a slanging match with Jim Gray after he upbraided her husband. She said any wife would defend her husband, and she would not let her or her husband’s reputation be tarnished.

When Corey was announced as the US team captain of the Ryder Cup in 2010, Lisa took charge of almost everything. She posed on the cover of AvidGolfer magazine, wrapped in the red, white, and blue colors of America’s flag. 

Lisa chose the United States team uniforms, the players’ daily meals, the decor of their room, and picked out daily gifts. The golf legend Tiger Woods was left unimpressed by Team USA’s uniforms as he couldn’t wear his own Nike waterproof gear.

Before tying the knot with Lisa, Corey had walked down the aisle with Shannon Healy. The golfer has three kids from his two marriages.

Corey And Lisa Pavin Share A Daughter 

Corey and Shannon Healey were married for 17 years before they decided to go their separate ways in 2000. An ESPN article mentioned they had two sons, Ryan and Austin Pavin.

The two boys, Ryan was 11, and Austin was 7 when their parents divorced. After the divorce, the boys lived with their mom near San Diego. 

Ryan graduated from the Point Loma Nazarene University with a broadcast journalism degree. He currently works as a Freelance Scoreboard Operator and is available on Facebook

Alexis And Lisa Pictured During Christmas 2022 In New York
Alexis And Lisa Pictured During Christmas 2022 In New York (Source: Instagram)

His youngest son, Austin, played lacrosse at the University of San Diego, graduating in 2015. He does have a Facebook account but doesn’t upload much. 

After marrying Lisa in 2003, the couple became parents to a daughter named Alexis Palvin in 2007. Like her dad, Alexis is a talented athlete but is not a golfer. 

Alexis has chosen gymnastics as the field where she wants to earn her name. On Lisa’s Instagram handle, she has shared several snaps of her daughter.

Corey has also shared his daughters’ achievements on his social media page. Recently, Corey shared a video of Alexis taking a swing with the gold club, hinting she might be interested in the sport. 

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