Who Is Melissa Renee? Andre Fili Girlfriend Or Wife

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Andre Fili’s girlfriend, Melissa Renee, is a fitness enthusiast and a former gym owner of Flex Fitness Woodland.

The couple, both dedicated to their fitness journey, has been in a relationship since 2016 and marked their 7th anniversary in May 2023.

Melissa and Andre have been in a healthy relationship for seven years, but Andre didn’t have a nice relationship with his parents growing up.

Andre Fili Is UFC Fighter
Andre Fili Is A UFC Fighter (Source: Instagram)

Andre Fili was born on June 25, 1990, in a broken household. Raised by parents who were both violent and indifferent to their children’s well-being, Andre found himself drawn into street fights as a teenager.

Seeking a way out of his troubled past, Andre moved to Sacramento while still under probation.

There, he discovered mixed martial arts, torching a passion that would shape his future.

Andre’s professional journey began on December 12, 2009, with a TKO victory over Anthony Motley.

He continued to impress with three consecutive TKO victories in subsequent fights.

His UFC debut came on October 19, 2013, at UFC 166, where he faced Jeremy Larsen, marking the beginning of his journey in the world of professional mixed martial arts.

Who Is Melissa Renee? Andre Fili Girlfriend Or Wife

Melissa Renee is the longtime partner of UFC fighter Andre Fili. Despite being together for seven years, the couple has not yet married.

Melissa is known for her dedication to fitness and was previously the owner of Fit Within, a gym that offered various training classes.

Her commitment to fitness is evident on her social media, particularly on Instagram, where she frequently shares workout videos and images showcasing her toned physique.

Andre Fili Girlfriend Melissa Renee Is Fitness Enthusiast
Andre Fili Girlfriend Melissa Renee Is A Fitness Enthusiast (Source: Instagram)

From full-body routines to targeted exercises like glute and lower-body workouts, Melissa provides followers with diverse content to inspire and motivate.

In addition to her fitness regimen, Melissa prioritizes healthy eating habits, opting for nutrient-rich superfoods over empty-calorie options.

Andre and Melissa both share a passion for fitness, which is a strong foundation for their relationship, fostering growth and connection.

Andre And Melissa’s Relationship Timeline 

The couple, Andre Fili and Melissa Renee began their relationship in 2016, and Andre fondly shared a beachside moment from their early days together.

Since then, they’ve openly celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, sharing glimpses of their love story on social media.

Beyond their love for fitness, Andre and Melissa cherish moments spent by the beach and nature.

Andre Fili And Melissa Renee Had Been Dating Since 2016
Andre Fili And Melissa Renee Had Been Dating Since 2016 (Source: Instagram)

The couple have been together for seven years. In 2022 may be in their sixth year anniversary.

Andre celebrated the occasion by sharing a series of heartfelt photos on Instagram, “Celebrated 6 yrs together with @melissaloha. Through the up’s and down’s we’ve come out better every time. Excited to see what the future holds. Thankful for everything. Thankful for everything.”

Andre shared his words in two parts, expressing his feelings for Melissa.

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