Who Is Miho Uehara, Koji Uehara Wife? Age And Wikipedia

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Koji Uehara married his wife Miho back in 2005, and the couple have a child together. However, they maintain utmost secrecy in other regards of their relationship details.

Koji Uehara is one of the best baseball players from Japan. He equally shone in the major league as well.

Moreover, today, we’ll be talking about his mysterious wife Miho Uehara.

Miho Uehara At The 2013 World Series Final Celebrations
Miho Uehara At The 2013 World Series Final Celebrations (Source: GS1)

Miho Uehara is most commonly recognized as the wife of famous baseball athlete Koji Uehara. Other than that, there are near to no results on her name, whatever we know is about her husband.

However, what we can clarify is, that she is not the Miho Uehara that pops up under the NSFW section. Miho has a very discreet personality and nothing regarding her details is out in the open.

Furthermore, we do know that her full name is Miho Yamazaki Uehara. She has a private Instagram account with her husband Koji and her son Kaz as her display picture. 

In addition, Miho is from Setagaya in Tokyo according to her Facebook. At present, she lives in Bradenton, Florida with her son

She is a huge dog lover and frequently donates to dog rescue fundraisers.

Koji Uehara Is A Japanese Legend

Japan is one of the few nations outside the American continent where people seriously devote their lives to baseball.

There have been multiple Japanese legends of the game like Hideko Matsui, Kenta Maeda, and the best player at the moment, Shohei Ohtani.

Koji Uehara is another name on the list of such elite athletes. He started playing in the Nippon Professional League in 1999.

Eventually, the pitcher left Japan and went to the States where played for the Baltimore Orioles. Then Uehara played for other teams including the Rangers, Sox, and Cubs.

Pitcher Koji Uehara
Pitcher Koji Uehara (Source: NY Times)

After 8 years in the MLB, Koji returned back to Japan and played for his first team, the Yomiuri Giants. He took his retirement in 2019 at the age of 44.

Across his long career, the legendary pitcher won several personal accolades. He was a 9-time All-Star, 2-time Japan Series Champion, a triple crown, two golden gloves, and more in the NPB.

Furthermore, in the MLB Uehara won the World Series once with the Boston Red Sox and one time All-Star. In addition, the pitcher was also the 2013 ALCS MVP.

At an international level, Kenjo won a bronze in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Likewise, he was part of the Japanese team that won gold in the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

Meet Kaz Uehara

Kazuma Uehara is the son of the former baseball player and his wife. The young man is following perfectly in his father’s footsteps.

Kaz was born in 2007 and was just 6 when his father won the World Series Championship. That was also when he gained the spotlight as he jumped onto the pitch to celebrate with his dad.

Moreover, he was destined to go into baseball as with his dad’s support he became a pitcher and an outfielder. 

Kaz and Koji Uehara
Kaz and Koji Uehara (Source: Instagram)

Kaz plays for the IMG Academy Ascenders, an elite private school, where he is developing consistently.

The young talent one day dreams of playing on the big stage, the MLB. But before that, he wishes to further flourish in one of the top colleges in the states.

Despite his dad having to balance time between the USA and Japan, Kaz and his mother Miho have been in the States. Their main goal is Kaz’s education and training.





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