Who Is Mike Caldwell Dad? Former Jaguars DC’s Parents, Wife And Family

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Isaiah “Mike” Caldwell, an American coach and former defensive coordinator (DC) for the Jaguars, inherits more than just a name from his dad, Isaiah Caldwell.

Revered for his skills in football strategy and coaching, Isaiah “Mike” Caldwell is a testament to the legacy crafted by his father.

Beyond the football field, Isaiah “Mike” Caldwell finds fulfillment in a cherished marriage with his wife, Sue Caldwell, and children.

Jaguars Former DC Mike Caldwell
Jaguars Former DC Mike Caldwell (Source: Sports AI Dente)

Mike Caldwell was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on August 31, 1971.

He enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University, where he secured a position in MTSU’s Football Hall of Fame.

During his 11-year tenure in the NFL, Caldwell contributed to teams such as the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, and Carolina Panthers.

He initiated his coaching journey with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he served as a training camp intern in 2007.

Following this, he transitioned into a role as a defensive quality control coach for two seasons.

Later, he advanced to assistant linebacker coach for one season before further elevation to linebacker coach.

Before joining the Jets, Caldwell dedicated two seasons to coaching linebackers for the Arizona Cardinals.

Guided by Caldwell, LB Lavonte David secured recognition as Associated Press Second Team All-Pro in 2020, and LB Devin White achieved the same accolade in addition to earning Pro Bowl honors in 2021.

Mike Caldwell Dad And Family

Mike Caldwell, renowned as the son of Isaiah Caldwell, has a familial history deeply rooted in service, with his father dedicating an impressive three decades to Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

Despite the distinguished service record of Isaiah Caldwell, details about Mike’s mother, including her name and other facets of her life, remain undisclosed or elusive.

The football coach, known for his role as the former Jaguars defensive coordinator, exhibits a privacy preference when discussing his family life.

This is notably evident as he refrains from revealing specific details about his parents.

Jaguars DC Mike Caldwell
Jaguars DC Mike Caldwell (Source: Bleacher Report)

Adding to the veil of privacy, there is a notable absence of any social media presence for Mike Caldwell, which would typically offer glimpses into personal life and family.

The enigma surrounding Caldwell’s family deepens with the tragic revelation from the Chicago Tribune.

According to the publication, Mike’s older sister, Laura Caldwell, met an untimely demise in a car crash on a county road.

Laura, at the young age of 35, departed, leaving behind memories and a profound impact on those who knew her.

While certain aspects of his family remain veiled, reports indicate that three sisters and a step-sister are part of his family.

Nevertheless, their identities remain mysterious, as their names have not been publicly disclosed.

American Coach, Mike’s Married Life

Mike is happily married to his wife, Sue Caldwell.

She is recognized as a sprinter and is a member of the University of Tennessee Track & Field Hall of Fame. 

Additionally, she qualified for the Olympic Trials in 1992 and 1996.

Mike Caldwell's Eldest Daughter - Sydnei Caldwell
Mike Caldwell’s Eldest Daughter – Sydnei Caldwell (Source: Pennathletes)

The couple has three children: daughters Sydnei and Saniah and son Simeon.

Their oldest daughter, Sydnei, is currently an undergraduate student and plays basketball at ASU.

Moreover, her nomination for the 2019 McDonald’s All-American Game from New Jersey was noted.

Caldwell was also ranked as the 28th player in her position by ESPN.com.

She participated in 29 games with an average playing time of 16.8 minutes per game.

She has achieved double-digit points in three games.

Sydnei has impressively scored 16 against Yale, 10 against Gwynedd Mercy, and another 10 against Brown.

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