Who Is Monika Hoffman, Mike Hoffman Wife? Married Life & Kids

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Mike Hoffman wife, Monika Hoffman, gave birth to their first child earlier this year in August. Monika has been married to the NHL player for five years.

In the past, the Hoffman family has been involved in a courtroom battle. The drama started after his former teammate, Erik Karlsson’s wife, Melinda, accused the former of cyberbullying. 

Mike And Monika Have Been Married For Four Years With Mike Sharing The Photo On Their Third Anniversary
Mike And Monika Have Been Married For Four Years With Mike Sharing The Photo On Their Third Anniversary (Source: Instagram)

Hoffman and Karlsson went back and forth with the accusations, but in the end, no criminal charges were brought against Monika. Karlsson was traded to the San Jose Sharks, and Hoffman was traded to the Florida Panthers. 

Both the couple seemed to have moved on from their courtroom drama. Hoffman now plays for the San Jose Sharks, and Karlsson became a star player, and in 2019, he became the highest-paid defenceman with his $92 million contract. 

Mike Hoffman Wife: Meet Monika Hoffman 

Mike Hoffman wife, Monika Hoffman, has been involved in controversies in the past. And maybe that is one of the reasons she stays away from social media. 

The spouse of the NHL player, Monika, graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2014 with a degree in criminology. She previously worked as a travel agent at the Pro Travel Network and had previously worked as a manager for Abercrombie & Fitch.

Monika isn’t present on Instagram. Her Facebook handle was last updated five years ago. The NHL supporters get a glimpse of Monika from her husband’s Instagram handle. 

Mike has shared several photos with his wife on his social media handle, and during her courtroom battle in 2018, he remained her strongest supporter. The two were yet to marry at the time.   

Monika Hoffman And Melinda Karlsson Court Room Drama

Monika and Erik Karlsson’s wife, Melinda Karlsson, were once friends. Their husbands were teammates and played together at the Ottawa Senators. But in 2018, Melinda Karlsson brought a case against Monika for alleged cyberbullying. 

The Karlssons accused Monika of sending hateful tweets and messages directed at them. They also fired for an order of protection against Monika in May 2018. 

Melinda accused Monika of uttering numerous statements wishing her unborn child dead. She also said Monika said she was dead and that someone should take out her husband’s legs to end his career.

The Courtroom Drama Between The Two Family Began And Ended In 2018 With No Criminal Charges Pressed
The Courtroom Drama Between The Two Family Began And Ended In 2018 With No Criminal Charges Pressed (Source: Instagram)

Mike and Monika denied the allegations and said they had nothing to do with the harassment. Monika also suspected the gossip website Talk Sports was one of the catalysts for Melissa to turn against her. 

Later, in the case, Monika hired an IT professional, Kevin Horrocks, to prove that the negative posts were not made from her IP addresses. Horrocks’ report concluded that it wasn’t Monika’s IP address that the negative posts were being made from.

But the damage was done. Hoffman and Karlsson were traded from the team. Since that incident, the Karlsson family has established the charity “Can’t Dim My Light” to raise funds and awareness about bullying. 

Mike And Monika Hoffman Married Life

Mike and Monika met for the first time while at high school. But Mike hadn’t revealed much about Monika on his Instagram handle before their wedding. 

Before the controversy started, the NHL couple had announced their engagement. Mike went down on one knee in 2018, and amidst the court battle, the two tied the knot in 2019.

The two held their wedding ceremony at Chateau LeParc in Vaughan, Canada. Several photos from their wedding were shared by Rebecca Chan, their wedding planner, on her website. 

Mike And Melissa Pictured Celebrating Their First Halloween As A Parent To London
Mike And Melissa Pictured Celebrating Their First Halloween As A Parent To London (Source: Instagram)

She described the wedding as a ‘Luxurious White Wedding’ filled with white floral with gold and edgy black accents. The wedding also had a mariachi band, which was a surprise. 

For their honeymoon, the couple traveled to Hawaii, with Mike sharing a picture of them enjoying by the seaside. Earlier this year, the couple announced they had become parents for the first time.

Mike shared a couple of pictures of his newborn on June 2, 2023. They named their child, a baby girl, London Parker Hoffman. 

Recently, Mike shared a family photo with the couple celebrating their first Christmas as parents. Mike carried his daughter as they three stood beside a gigantic Christmas tree filled with decorative items. 

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