Who Is Pete Ohnegian? Commanders New Player Development Coach

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Pete Ohnegian has joined the Washington Commanders and is part of the summer overhaul of the NFL side. Ohnegian’s first season in the NFL was last season with the Dallas Cowboys.

Pete was the Cowboys’ quality control/defensive assistant and will become the Player Development Coach with the Commanders. Pete has followed Dan Quinn to Washington, with Quinn previously holding the defensive coordinator role with the Cowboys.

Pete Ohnegian Worked One Season With The Cowboys Before Joining The Commanders
Ohnegian Worked One Season With The Cowboys Before Joining The Commanders (Source: Instagram)

Previously, it was reported that the Cowboys had allowed Pete and DL coach Sharrif Floyd to be interviewed by the Commanders. But they had blocked tight ends coach Lunda Wells and defensive backs coach Al Harris from being interviewed.

The Commanders also announced hiring David Blough as the assistant QB coach, Kliff Kingsbury as the offensive coordinator, and Sarah Hogan as the Coaching Chief of Staff. 

Who Is Pete Ohnegian? Commanders New Player Development Coach

Pete Ohnegian began his NFL journey only last year with the Dallas Cowboys. In 2021, Ohnegian joined the NFL in the professional scouting department and worked in the position for two years.

He graduated from Lafayette College in 1994 with a Liberal Arts/Liberal Studies degree, and after graduation, worked as their defensive line coach. Ohnegian held the position for nine months.

During the same time, he was a professional football player in Arena Football League. He played in the Arena Football League for eight years until 2002.

Ohnegian Has Been Working In The Footballing World Since 1994
Ohnegian Has Been Working In The Footballing World Since 1994 (Source: Twitter)

Pete played for four sides during his time as an Arena Football League player. He joined the Tampa Bay Storms in 1994 and played defensive end and offensive guard. 

During an interview with The Morning Call in 1994, Ohnegian said they had a standard base pay of $500 a week plus another $150 if they won. In 1995, he joined Miami Hooters and played for New Jersey Red Dogs and Los Angeles Avengers. 

After bidding goodbye to the Arena Football League, Pete turned his attention towards training athletes. He has received certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Agency (NSCA) and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

In 2003, he established Good Energy Training. After working with the clients personally for 13 years, Pete decided to re-enter the coaching world. 

In 2016, Pete joined the Army West Point Athletic Association and became an Assistant Football Coach at William Paterson University of New Jersey in 2018. 

Pete Ohnegian worked as the Dallas Cowboys’ Quality Control/Defensive Assistant for one season before joining the Commanders in 2024.

The Actor Pete Ohnegian

Alongside working as a football player and a coach, Pete has previously dabbled in the acting world. The Commanders’ coach has worked only in two movies, but the two movies happened to be alongside Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. 

In 1999, Pete Ohnegian starred in the movie Any Given Sunday with the Hollywood legend Al Pacino. The film also starred Dennis Quaid and Cameron Diaz. In the movie, Pete appeared as the Miami Sharks’ center. 

A year later, Pete was once again a center, but this time for Washington in the movie The Replacements. In the sports movie, he worked alongside Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. 

Pete Ohnegian Worked In The Movie The Replacements Alongside Keanu Reeves
Pete Ohnegian Worked In The Movie The Replacements Alongside Keanu Reeves (Source: Twitter)

An article from The Athletic in 2022 covered Keanu Reeves as Hollywood’s most underrated athlete. The article also mentioned Pete and the former football player talked about what it was like working with the Hollywood actor.

In the interview, Pete recalled the time he cussed out Reeves. Keane wasn’t getting a scene right, and as the modest guy, he said to the team, “My fault, guys.”

But he again made a mistake, and Pete told the actor, “Don’t f—— fumble it again.” Pete said it felt comfortable treating him like one of the guys. 

Pete also gave Keanu a nickname during their shoot. His nickname for the actor was Mr. Crabby Pants because Keanue would always come to the sets looking disheveled and unshaven. 

After their shoot ended, Ohnegian took a picture and got it signed by Keanu. The actor wrote, “Pete — if I sound at all like a quarterback, it is because of your help and support. My thanks to you. I wish you all the best. Keanu Reeves, aka Mr. Crabby Pants.”

Can Keanu Reeves do anything wrong? After working in The Replacements, Pete’s last acting job was in 2002 in the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent as a limo driver. 

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