Who Is Sarah Hogan? Commanders Coaching Chief Of Staff

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Sarah Hogan has been appointed the Washington Commanders’ Coaching Chief of Staff. Previously, Hogan worked with the Atlanta Falcons under Dan Quinn and Arthur Smith.

Sarah Hogan’s love for the sport began with her dad, Greg Gigantino, a football coach for more than four decades. A graduate of Georgia State University, Sarah began working with the Falcons in 2015.

Sarah was promoted to Director of Coaching Operations at Falcons only last year. So, there is a chance that Sarah chose to work with Commanders because of her Falcons connection with Dan Quinn.

Sarah Hogan Pictured Repping The Falcons Cap With Her Husband JP Hogan
Sarah Hogan Pictured Repping The Falcons Cap With Her Husband JP Hogan (Source: Facebook)

The Commanders have revamped their coaching staff. They have brought in Kliff Kingsbury as their offensive coordinator, David Blough as assistant quarterbacks coach, and Brian Johnson as assistant head coach and offensive pass game coordinator. 

Earlier this year, Commanders had named Adam Peters as their general manager. Peters recently also appointed Lance Newmark as the assistant general manager. 

Who Is Sarah Hogan? Commanders Coaching Chief Of Staff

The former Atlanta Falcons assistant director of coaching operations, Sarah Hogan, is native to Merrick, New York. Hogan began her administrative career in football with James Madison University.

Coming from a family with your dad as a football coach, interacting with players and coaches came naturally to Sarah. 

Hogan also had the opportunity to interact with the New York Jets team, as her dad was the coach of Hofstra. That is where the Jets would have their training camp.

At James Madison University, Sarah worked in the scouting department and received her degree in kinesiology in 2004. She enrolled at Georgia State University for a master’s in sports administration. 

Sarah Hogan Pictured With Her Husband JP Hogan At A Football Game
Sarah Hogan Pictured With Her Husband JP Hogan At A Football Game (Source: Instagram)

Alongside pursuing her degree, Sarah also worked for the Georgia Institute of Technology as their campus recreation center.

After completing her master’s, Sarah joined the University of Maryland, where she worked as an operations and facilities coordinator. But it wasn’t until she joined Northeastern University that she began working full-time.

At Northeastern University, Sarah became the Director of Football Operations. She was appointed in the role in 2007 and worked there until 2009, as Northeastern cut the football program. 

Her NFL Journey Started With The Falcons

Sarah returned to Georgia State University in 2010 and was their Director of Football Operations for five years. In 2015, Sarah was hired by the NFL team Atlanta Falcons as their scouting administration coordinator.

In an interview with the NFL website, Sarah said she came to Falcons through a family connection. The former Falcons head coach, Dan Quinn, appreciated her work and asked Sarah if she wanted to help with head coach operations as his assistant left.

Sarah admitted she was the one to create the position of Coordinator of Head Coach at the Falcons. In 2021, Sarah was promoted to Assistant Director of Coaching Operations, and last year, she became the Director of Coaching Operations.

When asked what she liked about her job, Sarah said she loved talking coaches’ terms and working with them regularly.

Hogan also added that she wanted to bridge the gap between the coaches and players and the rest of the crew that work behind the scenes. One of her goals was to create a teamwork environment. 

Sarah Hogan Family 

Sarah Hogan, born Sarah Gigantino, is the daughter of Greg and Cathy Gigantino. A football coach for more than four decades, Greg Gigantino began coaching at Indiana University. 

During his early years as a coach, Greg worked at Lehigh University, Davidson College, Iona College, and Rutgers University. From 1998-2000, Greg worked at Cornell University and later joined Hofstra University.

At Hofstra, Greg worked for 12 seasons as the defensive line coach, during which his team’s defense ranked in the top ten in multiple rankings.

He joined Bryant University in 2006 as their defensive coordinator and was able to help the Bulldogs finish as the top defense in Bryant Football history. He left the team after the 2017 season and joined Mater Dei Prep.

Sarah Hogan Pictured With Her Family In 2023, Including Her Mother, Cathy (Third From Left)
Sarah Hogan Pictured With Her Family In 2023, Including Her Mother, Cathy (Third From Left) (Source: Facebook)

At Mater Dei Prep, Greg primarily worked with their linebackers, but it was only for one season. He joined Bethany College in 2019 and worked there for a few seasons as an assistant coach/defensive line coach. 

In her interview, Sarah said her dad never pushed her towards following the same football route as him. But was always supportive of her decision.

Sarah also mentioned her husband, JP Hogan, saying he had been extremely supportive in her journey. The couple tied the knot in 2015, and Sarah has shared several family photos on her Facebook handle

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