Who Is Ramatu Ujiri, Masai Ujiri Wife? Married Life & Kids

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Ramatu Ujiri, Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri’s loving wife, effortlessly balances motherhood for their two children with an undying devotion to her Christian faith.

After the Pascal Siakam trade fiasco, Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri has been making the headlines.

This has also led to fan speculation about his wife, Ramatu, whose life is intriguing.

Masai Ujiri And Wife Ramatu Ujiri
Masai Ujiri And Wife Ramatu Ujiri (Source: X)

Masai Ujiri, the president of the Toronto Raptors, is one of the well-known executive figures in American sports.

Embarking on his NBA journey from the grassroots as a scout, Ujiri scoured the globe for talent.

Commencing this, he ascended to general manager for the Denver Nuggets in 2011. He made history as the first African-born general manager in professional sports.

Joining the Raptors in 2013, he has overseen the franchise in the most successful period of their history, winning the NBA Title in 2019.

Ramatu Ujiri, Masai Ujiri Wife

To begin with, Masai Ujiri’s wife, Ramatu, has roots in the African nation of Sierra Leone.

Moving to the United States at an early age, she lived in the D.C. area and went to Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

An athlete in her formative years, she played basketball in high school. Additionally, she is an avid sports watcher, supporting the Baltimore Ravens.

Adding to her diverse resume, she is also a fashion model. Having held a position at Fashion Model, she has a few public modeling photos posted on her social media platforms.

Ramatu Ujiri Also Worked As A Fashion Model
Ramatu Ujiri Also Worked As A Fashion Model (Source: Facebook)

Before becoming a model, she worked at Outer Skinz Image Group, a beauty consultant agency.

From her bio on X, it is clear that she is a proud mother to her children and a devout Christian.

“Feeling so blessed to have an amazing family! I love being a wife, but most of all, being a mother is the BEST gift God has given me!”

Married Life, Kids And More

Masai and Ramatu began dating in 2007, and two years after that, the couple exchanged wedding vows.

The pair share two beautiful children: a son, Masai Jr., and a daughter, Zahara. Ramatu has shared numerous family photos captured during their outings, including celebrations of the Toronto Raptors’ journey to the 2019 NBA Finals.

In a light-hearted incident, Masai, who shared a great bond with former Raptors player Kawhi Leonard, showed that their relationship extended beyond basketball.

Ujiri revealed that his son and Kawhi’s daughter engage in FaceTime conversations, playfully joking that they might get married.

Masai Ujiri Family
Masai Ujiri Family (Source: Facebook)

A stable family and a supportive partner have certainly contributed to Masai’s success as one of the top executive figures in the NBA.

In a heartwarming interview, Masai emotionally shared a candid moment with his wife after the Raptors won the 2019 NBA title.

“I walked out on the court to go and see my wife after the championship. She was on the edge of the stands, and we hugged and cried and laughed. Those moments we thought would never come, they were no longer dreams. They were right there.”

Undoubtedly, having a loving partner as a supportive rock has helped further Masai’s career in the NBA.

In the cut-throat world of professional basketball, a stable personal life and relationship is an added advantage for Masai.

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