Who Is Sandra Mendenhall, Rashard Mendenhall Wife? Ethnicity & 3 Kids

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Rashard Mendenhall’s wife, Sandra Mendenhall, is a holistic coach and a dancer. The couple is parents to three kids and jointly runs a production company.

Sandra and Rashard have known each other since his early days in the NFL. But the couple took their time when it came to walking down the aisle. Rashard and Sandra share a common love for arts and also want to keep themselves as healthy as possible.

Rashard Mendenhall Pictured During His Time With The Steelers
Rashard Mendenhall Pictured During His Time With The Steelers (Source: Instagram)

His health and fitness were one of the main reasons the running back retired early in his career. After leaving the NFL, Rashard pursued his love for writing and opened a production company with his wife. 

Recently, Rashard caused controversy with his racially charged comments. The former NFL player proposed to create a racially segregated Pro Bowl, pitting an “All-Black” team against an “All-White” team. 

This isn’t the first time Rashard has faced backlash for his comments. Previously, in 2011, he came under fire for his tweets about the 9/11 attack and the death of Osama Bin Laden. 

Rashard Mendenhall Wife: Meet Sandra Mendenhall

The former Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall’s wife, Sandra Mendenhall, is a holistic health coach. She has devoted her life to yoga, reiki, and meditation. And her love for it is on full display on her social media handles. 

Sandra previously ran a podcast called The Other Side of Now with her close friends, where they talked about healing and life and invited guests such as Pamela Anderson. 

On her personal Instagram handle, Sandra has shared several family photos and continues to promote her yoga and reiki programs. Alongside being a holistic coach, Sandra is also a dancer and choreographer. 

She has mostly worked as a dancer and choreographer in Nappy Rose Production, a production company jointly owned by her and Rashard. The former NFL player came to know about his wife through dance. 

Rashard Mendenhall Previously Shared A Sweet Post Of His Wife And Their Three Kids
Rashard Mendenhall Previously Shared A Sweet Post Of His Wife And Their Three Kids (Source: Instagram)

Though he was playing in the NFL, Rashard also showed great interest in dancing. And it was then he met his now wife. He had joined the hip-hop dance classes taught by Sandra. 

Rashard knew about Sandra beforehand and was a close friend as she previously worked as a reporter with Steelers TV. The couple met when Rashard was 20 and tied the knot years later in 2018 in Bermuda. 

The couple is now parent to three kids- a three-year-old son, Mantis, and twin one-year-old daughters, Sifa and Saganil. Rashard and Sandra have shared several photos of their kids on their social media handles. 

Last year, Sandra shared a video of their son, Mantis, giving his dad a fresh cut. She also shared a sweet post on Rashard’s 35th birthday of him hanging out with his son. 

She captioned the video, “The sacred bond between a father and his son is one of the greatest blessings from above.”

Rashard Mendenhall Family Ethnicity

Rashard Mendenhall comes from an African-American family. The former NFL player didn’t grow up in a financially strong household, and in his interviews, he has only mostly talked about his mother’s impact on his life.

Mendenhall’s mother, Sibyl, was a youth minister and teacher’s aide. She always emphasized to her kids the importance of education and enrolled them in different classes. 

Sibyl also made sure they would always have a book to read and pushed them towards music and drawing. Mendenhall was raised in the suburbs just north of Chicago and grew up with his older brother, Walter, and a younger sister. 

Rashard Mendenhall Pictured With His Family, Including His Brother, Walter Mendenhall
Rashard Mendenhall Pictured With His Family, Including His Brother, Walter Mendenhall (Source: Instagram)

His brother, Walter, played college football at Illinois from 2005 to 2007. Walter was drafted by the Eagles in 2009 as an undrafted free agent, but his career never took off. He signed with the Colts, Bills, and Bengals, but it was only for the practice squad or the offseason. 

After bidding goodbye to football, Walter focused on creating a brand name and is the founder of Male Mogul Initiative. He is available on Instagram with the username @waltermendenhalliv. 

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