Who Is Sandra Zaniewska, Marta Kostyuk Coach? Age & Wikipedia

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Marta Kostyuk Coach: A former professional tennis player and a prominent coach in the WTA circuit, Sandra Zaniewska has guided players like Marta Kostyuk and Alize Cornet.

After Marta Kostyuk’s impressive run to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, praise is also going to her mentor.

A talented player in her own right, she boasts an impressive resume in the sport. Along with that, her personal life chronicle is also intriguing.

Marta Kostyuk Coach, Sandra Zaniewska
Marta Kostyuk Coach, Sandra Zaniewska (Source: Instagram)

Sandra Zaniewska, a former Polish tennis player and coach, reached a career-high ranking of 142 in the WTA.

With nearly $140,000 in prize money, she also featured prominently in the ITF circuit, winning ten singles titles.

She retired from playing in 2017 and swiftly moved on to coaching.

In her budding coaching career, she has partnered with names like Alize Cornet, Marta Kostyuk, and Petra Martic.

Sandra Zaniewska Age: Marta Kostyuk Coach

Born on January 3, 1992, Marta’s coach, Sandra, is currently 32 years of age. 

It is clear that, at a young age, she has made great strides in tennis.

Tennis fans are excited to see what is next for Sandra after Marta Kostyuk’s noteworthy run in the 2024 Australian Open.

With time and age on her side, the sky is the limit for her coaching career in the sport.

More On Her Biography 

She was born to parents Maciej and Teresa Zaniewska in Poland. Additionally, she has an older brother, Bartek, and is Polish.

Sandra began playing tennis at 10 to channel her surplus energy.

Sandra Retired From Playing In 2017
Sandra Retired From Playing In 2017 (Source: WTA)

As one of the unique sports in the world, in tennis, you can’t rely on your teammate for success or failure.

It is that aspect that captured Sandra’s imagination at a young age. Interestingly, she also has an extravagant approach to coaching.

Her coaching belief is that great coaches focus on shaping excellent people, not just outstanding players.

Consequently, this approach helps her foster a deep personal relationship with her players beyond the tennis court.

Relation With Marta

Marta and Sandra share a deep connection that is more than just a player-coach partnership.

Not so long ago, Marta was struggling with a mental block that was a barrier to her progress as a tennis player.

In a candid interview, she revealed Sandra was the first coach who helped her escape this mental roadblock.

“Usually, when I had this kind of behavior, all the other coaches, no one for one second would accept it or try to understand why I feel like this or try and have a conversation with me, or even just let me be. She did, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is next-level coaching. I’ve never seen this.'”

Undoubtedly, Sandra’s innovative approach to coaching and her philosophy of creating personal bonds with her players has rubbed off on Marta.

Marta Reached Her First GS QF in 2024
Marta Reached Her First GS QF in 2024 (Source: The Telegraph)

The results in court are also improving for the duo. In the 2024 Australian Open, Marta made her first Grand Slam quarterfinal, losing in a valiant effort against Coco Gauff.

It is an achievement that Sandra can be proud of. However, being level-headed, she knows bigger things will come in the partnership.

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