Who Is Stasia Honnold? Alex Honnold Sister- Age Gap And Family Tree

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With a reputation of triumph over fear, Alex Honnold, an American rock climber, got queries on his family. He has a sister named Stasia & many want to know if she is as adventurous as him.

Although Alex & his sister Stasia used to climb from a young age, she later sought professionalism in other sports. But it won’t refrain her from the passion to ascent big walls.

While Stasia keeps herself occupied with cycling adventures, Honnold continues to drop the jaws of adventure seekers with his solo rock climbing.

Without the aid of ropes, Alex became the first to climb the peak; his ascent was chronicled in the 2017 documentary “Free Solo.”

It won’t be wrong to tag him as the architect of the rock climbing revolution.

Alex Honnold Is Known For His Rock Climbing Antics
Alex Honnold Is Known For His Rock Climbing Antics (Source: Instagram)

His solo ascents of large walls have earned him recognition since his birth on August 17, 1986.

The previous ten years have seen one of the most well-known rock climbers, Alex Honnold, living primarily out of a van.

Even though he lives in a van because he prefers an adventurous lifestyle, he is wealthy & has an estimated net worth of $2 million

The North Face sponsors him and will have many opportunities to do so. He attended The Oscars (2019) wearing a North Face tux to show his support for his sponsors.

Alex Honnold Sister: Stasia Honnold

The American rock climber has an elder sister Stasia Honnold who is four years his senior.

She leads a quiet life yet, at heart, is an adventurer. Additionally, she and her partner James reside in a little home that is away from the city’s busy streets.

She has climbed some rocks, but she is not a professional like her brother.

Although Stasia mentions that she enjoys rock climbing, she rather saves it for running and riding a bike.

Stasia began climbing on the same day as her brother, but she eventually switched to other activities.

Stacia Honnold With Her Partner James
Stacia Honnold With Her Partner James (Source: Social Stats)

The cyclist is known for exploring, having ridden thousands of kilometers, and camping out along the way.

Honnold, who runs large distances as well, is frequently spotted with her running gear.

Furthermore, the determination and bravery of the intrepid Stasia are what propel her around the country.

Athleticism Runs In Honnold Family

Alex and his sister Stasia were born to Charles Honnold and Dierdre Woolownick Honnold in 1985 and 1981, respectively. They grew up in Sacramento, California.

Both his parents worked as community college professors, so the two Honnold siblings were installed with love, care, and respect.

Additionally, they learned the importance of looking out for their family, themselves, and their community.

Stacia Honnold Is Photographed During A Hike
Stacia Honnold Is Photographed During A Hike (Source: Instagram)

Both siblings studied at an elementary school in Carmichael.

Because they were constantly running or riding, their parents raised them to be adventurous. The kids rode their bikes to school with Dierdre.

Alex moved to the University of California, while Stasia continued her studies at Lewis and Clark for her undergraduate degree.

Sadly, his parents divorced just as he arrived there to seek a degree in civil engineering.

He tragically lost his grandparents as well, and the stress prevented Alex from finishing his graduation.

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