Who Is Steven Izzo? Tom Izzo Son- Is He Adopted?

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Tom Izzo Son: Collegiate basketball player Steven Izzo is the youngest of the two kids of basketball coach Tom Izzo and his wife, Lupe. While the pair only had a daughter from their marriage, Tom and Lupe adopted Steven when he was still a baby.

Growing up, Steven did not spend much time with his dad, but he knew what his dad did very well. He often accompanied his dad during weekends while Tom was on road games or recruiting trips.

Not only that, Steven later played collegiate basketball for the team that his dad had been coaching for years. 

Former American Collegiate Basketball Player Steven Izzo
Former American Collegiate Basketball Player Steven Izzo (Source: Michigan State University)

Thomas Michael Izzo, better known as Tom Izzo, is an American collegiate basketball coach who has been the head coach for the Michigan State Spartans for nearly three decades. 

Born and raised in Iron Mountain, Michigan, Tom played collegiate basketball for the Northern Michigan Wildcats after graduating high school. However, he played football, basketball, and track events during school.

After college, he started his coaching career, joining the Ishpeming High School as their head coach. He eventually joined Michigan State as an assistant coach in 1983.

Tom Izzo Son: Who Is Steven Izzo?

Steven Izzo is an American former college basketball player. He was born on June 16, 2000, in East Lansing, Michigan.

There is no information about who his biological parents are, but he was adopted by the Michigan State Spartans head coach, Tom Izzo and his wife, Lupe, when he was still a kid.

As a result, Steven thinks of the Izzo couple as his parents, as they raised him with much care and affection as their kid. Aside from Steven, they already had a daughter named Raquel.

Steven Izzo And His Dad Tom
Steven Izzo And His Dad, Tom (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Raised in East Lansing, Michigan, he played high school basketball for the Lansing Catholic High School. While there, Izzo was a two-year letterwinner in basketball.

After graduating from school, Steven played guard for the Michigan State Spartans for four years, starting in 2019.

Despite his short height, the coaches and spectators have praised him for being an exceptional catch-and-shoot player. As a senior, he played eight games for the Spartans, which earned him an Academic All-Big Ten selection.

Furthermore, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Advertisement Management from Michigan State in 2023.

Little On Tom’s Daughter, Raquel “Rocky” Izzo

As mentioned above, Tom Izzo and his wife, Lupe, have an older daughter named Raquel Izzo.

Nicknamed Rocky, she grew up alongside her younger sibling Steven and attended Lansing Catholic High School.

After graduating in 2013, she went abroad, where she briefly studied Mass Communication and Media Studies at Regent’s University in London.

Steven Izzo's Sister Raquel
Steven Izzo’s Sister, Raquel (Source: LinkedIn)

Raquel later returned to the United States and earned a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University in 2017.

Speaking of her work experience, Izzo formerly worked as a med spa coordinator at the Skin Boss Med Spa in Haslett, Michigan. She is currently an executive director of the Izzo Legacy Family Fund.

Moreover, she is married to Matthew McDonald, with whom she has a daughter, Isabelle.

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