Who Is Tatum Causey? David Montgomery Wife Or Girlfriend

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Tatum Causey is the yet-to-be wife of the Lions running back David Montgomery. David and Tatum are college lovebirds, having exceeded seven years of dating.

Tatum and David have been recently blessed with a son.

The American Football Running Back David Montgomery
The American Football Running Back David Montgomery (Source: Instagram)

David Montgomery is an American footballer representing the Detroit Lions of the NFL as a running back.

David is an Eagle Scout born and bred in Cincinnati, Ohio. He went to the Mt. Healthy High School in Ohio.

Despite a record-breaking high school career, only a few selective colleges came knocking on Montgomery’s door. 

Eventually, he opted to play for the Cyclones of the Iowa State University of Ames.

Moreover, in 2019, David decided not to play his final season & declared for the 2019 NFL Draft. Chicago Bears drafted him in the third round.

Recently, on March 16, 2023, Montgomery signed a three-year deal with the Detroit Lions, a lucrative contract worth $18 million.

Montgomery, originally a running back, is open to playing multiple roles in the field. He can also play as a dual-threat quarterback, providing coaches with versatile options in their inventory.

David Montgomery Wife Or Girlfriend | Tatum Causey

The Tigers running back is currently in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Tatum Causey. Tatum and David have been in a relationship for over seven years.

Despite rumors of Tatum being David’s wife, the lovebirds have yet to tie the knot. 

Moreover, Causey is older than her boyfriend by fine margins. She was born on the 24th of March, 1997, a couple of months before David.

David With His Son And Girlfriend
David With His Son And Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, given that Tatum and David both attended Iowa State University of Ames, it is a reasonable assumption that their paths crossed and started dating during their time at Iowa.

Similarly, the unmarried couple are a family of four.

Causey and Montgomery recently gave birth to their first baby child, a boy named Juju, on January 13, 2023. Similarly, they also share a pitbull hybrid, Lola.

In addition to this, following David’s move to the Lions, the family of four currently resides in a mansion in Michigan.

A Legal Dispute: Tatum Causey

The running back David’s girlfriend, Tatum Causey, has recently been a trending topic on the internet following a violent altercation in her new neighborhood.

As per reports by TMZ Sports, the residents of the locality filed a report of being assaulted by Lola, David, and Tatum’s pitbull.

David With His Future Wife Tatum
David With His Future Wife Tatum (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the neighbors further added that Lola grabbed their dog’s leg and wouldn’t let go, sustaining two leg fractures with additional stitches.

The convicting parties also claimed that they also suffered bite-related injuries and puncture wounds. Causey was charged with a misdemeanor and raising an aggressive pet.

Lastly, Causey is scheduled for a second hearing in this civil lawsuit this month.

A Little About David Montgomery 

David Montgomery’s early years were marked by considerable adversity.

Growing up, he faced the challenges of not knowing his father and his family experienced frequent relocations throughout Cincinnati due to financial difficulties.

In those trying times, he recalls resourcefully using the oven for warmth and resorting to boiling water collected from gas stations for bathing when utilities were disconnected.

Adding to the complexity of his upbringing, Montgomery has a brother who became entangled in legal troubles, ultimately serving time for drug trafficking and involvement in a tragic murder case.

These circumstances further underscore the hardships he had to navigate in his formative years.

Yet, amidst these difficulties, Montgomery found inspiration in the memory of a high school teammate and role model who tragically lost his life during a home invasion.

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