Will Brad Allen Be Fired? NFL Fans Demands Suspension & Demotion

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Brad Allen Fired: In the aftermath of the Dallas Cowboys’ controversial victory against the Detroit Lions, fans have surged with dissatisfaction, demanding the firing of referee Brad Allen.

The pivotal moment came during the Detroit Lions’ crucial two-point conversion attempt, where Allen’s officiating crew committed a significant error.

Allen and his team have been under intense scrutiny, with a growing number of voices advocating for their removal.

Frustrated fans and social media platforms, including the official Lions Twitter handle, strongly echo this sentiment.

NFL Official Brad Allen
NFL Official Brad Allen (Source: nbcsports)

Brad Allen has been a prominent figure in the National Football League (NFL) officiating ranks since 2014, donning the distinguished uniform number 122.

Beyond his role on the NFL field, Allen extends his influence into various leadership positions.

He holds the position of executive director for the N.C. Senior Games and assumes the role of CEO for a non-profit organization.

Additionally, Allen contributes to the growth and development of officiating talent as the clinic leader and booking supervisor for the Southern Officials Association.

Fans Demand Brad Allen To Be Fired: NFL Takes Action

In a dramatic turn of events, the Dallas Cowboys found themselves on the receiving end of a fortunate twist, a welcome reprieve following what many deemed an unjust call by referee Brad Allen’s crew during their game against the Detroit Lions.

The controversy unfolded as the Lions’ potential game-winning two-point conversion was nullified due to an illegal touching penalty.

Allen asserted that offensive lineman Dan Skipper, not Taylor Decker, had failed to declare himself an eligible receiver before the crucial play.

However, this explanation seemed at odds with video evidence showing Decker approaching Allen before the snap while Skipper failed to communicate with the referee.

Will Brad Allen Be Fired
Will Brad Allen Be Fired? (Source: X)

Adding fuel to the fire, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the NFL is taking action in response to the missed call.

According to Schefter, the league is poised to discipline the officiating crew, potentially sidelining them from playoff duties.

During an appearance on ESPN on December 31, Schefter stated,

“A large part of Brad Allen’s crew is not going to be officiating in the postseason. They’re going to get downgraded, and the chances are that many of them are not going to be involved in the postseason.”

This development marks a significant repercussion for the controversial call, highlighting the league’s commitment to addressing officiating errors and maintaining the integrity of the game.

Under Scrutiny: Brad Allen’s Officiating Crew Faces Mounting Concerns

The performance of Brad Allen and his referee crew has been a source of growing concern, as their decision-making process in recent games has consistently demonstrated a lack of understanding.

Beyond mere errors, these questionable calls have impacted game outcomes and cast a shadow on the core principles of fair play that are fundamental to sportsmanship in the NFL.

NFL Fans Not Happy With Brad Allen's Referring
NFL Fans Not Happy With Brad Allen’s Referring (Source: X)

In the Kansas City Chiefs’ 27-19 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, the officiating crew overlooked a blatant defensive pass interference. This lapse undoubtedly influenced the game’s trajectory.

Another egregious error occurred during the clash between the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears, highlighting the crew’s struggles.

On the second quarter’s final play, as Justin Fields launched a Hail Mary into the endzone, he absorbed a brutal hit from Browns defensive end Zadarius Smith.

The hit, a clear case of roughing the passer, went unnoticed by Allen’s crew, compounding concerns about their ability to officiate with precision and fairness.

As the list of questionable calls continues to grow, it raises serious questions about the competence of Brad Allen and his crew, prompting calls for a thorough review of their officiating performance to preserve the integrity of the game.

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