Willie Mays Health & Illness Update 2024: Is He Blind?

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Although suffering from various health issues, baseball legend Willie Mays continues to battle through life into his nineties.

The former MLB player and coach won the World Series in 1954, ascending into historical fame and recognition.

The legend is still living strong in his later years, even though he is plagued with various health problems.

MLB Icon Willie Mays
MLB Icon Willie Mays (Source: NBC)

Willie Mays is a former MLB player and coach, most notably featured for the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants.

Subsequently, he won the World Series in 1954 and is a 24-time All-Star in the league. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1979.

Furthermore, Mays also boasts the honor of being named in the MLB’s all-time team, chosen in 1997.

Willie Mays Health & Illness Update 2024

The former MLB World Series champion is 92 years of age currently. Unfortunately, with growing age, he has suffered from various health problems.

Mays is currently facing different challenges, which involve issues with his mobility. These difficulties arose after undergoing hip surgery in the spring of 2022.

Despite these challenges, Mays remains resilient, supported by his determination and the ongoing care of medical professionals.

Additionally, he has faced problems with his eyes. Subsequently, his eyesight has been significantly diminished by glaucoma and macular degeneration. He has also faced hearing challenges.

Mays Suffers From Mobility And Eyesight Issues
Mays Suffers From Mobility And Eyesight Issues (Source: SF Chronicle)

We must acknowledge and commend Mays for his unparalleled bravery in confronting health adversities.

The courage he shows is inspirational to many, highlighting the strength of his character amid challenging situations.

In celebrating his legacy, we must recognize his human resilience that transcends the boundaries of the baseball field.

Mays Is Still Living A Prosperous Life

Amidst multiple health issues, Willie still lives a day-to-day life, showing a never-say-die attitude.

He is still sharp in interviews and can precisely recall incidents from his past. Additionally, he stays actively involved in managing business transactions and supervising the operations of his Say Hey Foundation.

Moreover, even in his 90s, Willie appears in commercials and frequently attends baseball games.

Mays still holds a prominent position in the baseball card industry, appearing on the latest Topps and Panini cards.

Furthermore, his presence extends to the digital realm, as he is featured in two video games, MLB The Show 23 and Super Mega Baseball 4.

NY Mets Have Retired Willie Mays #24 Jersey
NY Mets Have Retired Willie Mays #24 Jersey (Source: X)

Mays remains actively engaged in philanthropy by soliciting contributions and overseeing donations through his foundation to support underprivileged youth.

Subsequently, the impact of his Willie Mays Scholars program is evident, providing valuable college preparation and scholarships mainly geared towards African-American youths in San Francisco.

Even though it has been 50 years since his retirement, Willie remains endeared in baseball fans’ hearts.

In a San Francisco Chronicle piece, his attorney, Malcolm Heinicke, perfectly summarized the importance and relevance Willie still holds today.

“Willie remains ever-present in the baseball psyche of America, not only for his past accomplishments and records on the field but also through the release of the documentary as well as video games and baseball cards that allow modern-day fans of all ages to enjoy his greatness all over again.”

It is a testament to his energy, courage, and fighting spirit that Willie Mays is still contributing to baseball and his community in his later years.

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