Willie Simmons Net Worth And Salary 2024: Duke Football RB Coach

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Willie Simmons Net Worth: Former Florida A&M head coach Willie Simmons has experienced success and wealthy fortunes during his tenure in Florida.

But, it just seems to be on the rise with his recent transition to Duke University.

With an already substantial net worth in the millions, the college football coach is flourishing in his career and poised to command a massive salary in his new role potentially.

Duke RB Coach Willie Simmons
Duke RB Coach Willie Simmons (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Willie Simmons was born in Florida, United States, on October 12, 1980. Attending James A. Shanks High School, he was named an All-American quarterback.

After receiving over 25 scholarship offers going into college, he chose Clemson University.

Simmons completed his studies in services marketing and obtained a bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2002.

In addition, for his senior college year, he played for Citadel. Following his college career, Simmons played in one season of arena football as a member of the Sioux City Bandits.

Following, he swiftly stepped foot onto coaching starting at Lincoln High School in Florida. He began as a pass game coordinator and a QB coach.

Since then, his coaching career has yielded success, especially in his most recent work as head coach with Florida A&M. Simmons’ overall record as head coach is an impressive 66-24.

Willie Simmons Net Worth And Salary 2024

As aforementioned, we estimate coach Willie Simmons to have a net worth of $1.5 million to $2 million in 2024.

As a successful football coach, he has been able to amass significant fame and fortune.

Firstly, it has been reported that he was on an annual salary of $300,000 in Florida with around $200,000 in additional bonuses.

Previously, he had signed a 5-year $1.5 million deal in 2017, which was later extended until 2025.

However, the amount Duke University has paid to buy him out of his Florida contract has not yet been revealed.

That being said, it has also been reported that Duke will increase his salary significantly, with estimates that it will jump up to $500,000 a year. 

Willie Simmons Hoisting the Florida Classic Cup
Willie Simmons Hoisting the Florida Classic Cup (Source: Football Scoop)

Additionally, Simmons was in high demand as both Florida A&M and Duke fought tooth and nail for his services.

Florida presented him with an increased lucrative offer matching Duke’s, but the coach decided to leave for a new challenge.

Subsequently, his previous stints as head coaches before 2017 and his college and professional career as a football player also contribute to his overall net worth.

Simmons’s net worth will grow substantially as he climbs the football coaching ladder.

Willie Simmons Emotional Florida Farewell

Undoubtedly, Simmons was emotional upon leaving Florida A&M after five years, which saw many highs and some lows.

In the goodbye message, he stated he had achieved the goal of placing the team at its rightful place at the top of the HBCU.

“I came to FAMU in 2018 intending to return Florida A&M Football to its rightful place at the top of HBCU and FCS football, and together as a family, we have done that.”

Simmons On The Sidelines At A Florida Game
Simmons On The Sidelines At A Florida Game (Source: FAMU Athletics)

Additionally, he thanked the Florida higher-ups for giving him the opportunity.

He went on to thank the players, coaching staff, and team fans. 

“My deepest gratitude is to the young men I’ve been blessed to lead. They ground on the field and in the classroom, graduated at a high rate, and served our greater community through philanthropy and service.”

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