Woahhelijah Brother: Is He Related To Klay Thompson?

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Woahhelijah is not exactly the brother of Klay Thompson. However, the TikTok star does make it seem like he comes from the same family.

There are so many amazing basketball players who do not play at the top level. One of the popular names among them is, Woahhelijah, who’s famous on social media.

Furthermore, he has made it a running joke in the community that, he is the brother star of NBA champion Klay Thompson.

Content Creator Woahhelijah
Content Creator Woahhelijah (Source: Instagram)

Woahhelijah is a famous content creator who is popular in TikTok for his basketball and fitness-related content. His original name is Elijah Andrews and is a skillful athlete.

Moreover, his content is based on comedic subjects, surrounding basketball. In addition, he also gives tips and tricks to young aspiring ballers.

He is a master of content creation and according to many, he makes the most relatable basketball content.

The social media personality makes skits that have a touch of humor and boasts a huge following. In particular, Elijah has 849k followers on TikTok and 205k followers on Instagram.

Woahhelijah: Is He The Brother of Klay Thompson?

One of the ways the content creator got famous is through his videos claiming he’s the brother of famous NBA star, Klay Thompson.

What started as a simple comedic skit, became a running joke in the community. Eventually, he made multiple other videos with the message that Klay Thompson was his brother.

Nonetheless, we would like to clarify that it is not true. Elijah Andrews is nowhere related to Klay Thompson.

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson (Source: Spotrac)

However, many fans were led to believe it was true, or left in some sort of confusion. Many commented with concerns like, “Is he actually your brother?”

But if we further look at the comments other people are helping clarify that he is not the brother. It is just a comedic joke for Elijah’s followers to enjoy and have a laugh about.

Moreover, what we can give is, Klay and Elijah do share some similarities in their appearance. In addition, Elijah is skillful and has a similar playing style to the NBA All-Star.

Who Are The Brothers of Klay Thompson?

Although Woahhelijah is not his brother, the NBA champ does have 2 siblings, both of whom are brothers.

Klay’s oldest brother, Mychel Thompson is also a former athlete and played basketball. He played for Pepperdine University and other minor leagues.

The Thompson Brothers
The Thompson Brothers (Source: FanBuzz)

Moreover, Mychel could not make an impact in the NBA and had a 5 game stint at the Cleveland Cavaliers. After that, he played in the D-League, G-League, and overseas in Italy.

On the other hand, Klay’s younger brother, Trayce Thompson is a professional baseball player. He is an outfielder and has been in the MLB since 2015. 

Currently, he plays for the Chicago White Sox and represents the Great Britain baseball team on the international level.

Woahhelijah: More Than A Content Creator

He got famous as a guy who plays basketball on TikTok and mimics to be Klay Thompson’s brother, but Elijah Andrews has built his brand perfectly.

He has his own business named, [email protected] and promotes various stuff.

Moreover, his reach allows companies to make him a medium for their brands. Elijah promotes basketball shoes like the Kobes and other sneaker brands like Nike for famous companies like Jersey Frosts.

Moreover, this became possible due to his basketball skills, humor, and elite-level content creation and marketing capabilities.




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