Women’s match report: Chelsea 2 Wolfsburg 1

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Wolfsburg lost over Chelsea 2-1.

Second-half goals from Sam Kerr and Pernille Harder helped the Blues secure a 2-1 win over Wolfsburg in the first leg of our Champions League quarter-final.

Wolfsburg certainly got a chance in the first half with their captain Alexandra Popp hitting the post. And Ann Katrin-Berger twice denied Fridolina Rolfo.

Niamh Charles and Jonna Andersson both removed the line’s effort with 10 minutes in the second half. The Blues will punish our German opponents for their lost chances.

Fran Kirby communicated well with Kerr, and Australia took one goalkeeper before shooting at home to give the Blues 55 minutes.

Kirby and Kerr will meet again as their best game sets Harder to earn points against his former team just an hour later.

Our 2-0 lead lasted just minutes after Dominique Janssen netted after Magda Eriksson fouled Svenja Huth in the box.

Chelsea will survive the pressure too late to secure our first win for Wolfsburg and take a 2-1 win in the next third leg on Wednesday.

Earlier, Emma Hayes and her side entertained Aston Villa at Kingsmeadow on Sunday as the Blues look to keep our top spot in the Women’s Super League table.

Emma Hayes made just one change in the side that ensured a 3-0 win over Everton last Wednesday.

Bringing Sophie Ingle to the side after the midfielder missed our Merseyside victory following a knock on the Continental League Cup final.

Niamh Charles continued left-back, joined Millie Bright, captain Eriksson, and defender Jonna Andersson at Blues behind goalkeeper Berger.

Ingle entered the center of the pitch alongside Melanie Leupolz and Ji So-Yun. Also, Harder sat in the attacking post after strikers in the form of Kirby and Kerr.

Chelsea went to the match at Szusza Ferenc Stadium

Chelsea went to the match at Szusza Ferenc Stadium officially as a home team. But our opponents looked more relaxed in today’s first-quarter-final exchange.

There was an early sign of Wolfsburg’s threat as they approached the opening point just three minutes later.

Chelsea team
Chelsea team ( Source: The Pride of London)

Rolfo was very high in the box and headed straight for the head. But thanks to the Blues, Bright was in the right place at the right time to block the goal-scoring effort and clear the danger.

Harder, facing his former club for the first time, has stuck in an open pass.

However, the attacking midfielder has not been able to hold the ball around—the goalkeeper for what could have led to a chance to get into the empty net.

A few minutes later, even Wolfsburg captain Popp hit the post. Therefore, Charles had to be careful to remove the stumbling block from the line.

Chelsea then has to Berger be thankful when the Blues goalkeeper denies Rolfo twice before Andersson removes the kick from Pajor’s lineup.

A few minutes later, our opponents had the ball in the net. But Popp decided to put the ball into the net with his hand. As a result, the midfielder was shown a yellow card.

Kirby on the hunt for continuation

In half an hour on the clock, the Blues created our first game opener, and it was no surprise that both Kerr and Kirby were involved.

Bright found Kerr after the robbery race, and Australia put on a fully-fledged pack on the Kirby road.

Fran Kirby- The Guardian
Fran Kirby (Source: The Guardian)

Kirby had a chance to get the ball aimed at her but instead rolled the mock ball into the six-yard box. But no Chelsea player ever got into the box with what would have been easy in the back end.

Wolfsburg’s turn came, and Berger could look back and be optimistic as Rolfo’s head slipped off his head.

Some would say that Chelsea was lucky to be in the proper position to go on holiday.

Chelsea rallied our luck in the first half. And a few minutes after the rest. The Blues were lucky on our side again as the head from Rolfo hit the woods.

A few minutes later, Chelsea punished our rivals with missed opportunities. And it was an awful match-fixing match between Kerr and Kirby that broke the odds.

Kirby collected a pass from Ji before scoring the ball to Kerr, and Australia took one touch from the goalkeeper before hitting home. With a tight angle to give the Blues a 1-0 lead in 55 minutes.

Kerr keeps his cool to give a lead.

Just a few minutes later, Berger also showed why he is one of the best goalkeepers in women’s football as he has unleashed world-class savings to keep the volley blown well at Rolfo.

That save proved to be crucial a few minutes later as Harder shut down his former team to double our profits.

Sam Kerr - The AFC
Sam Kerr (Source: The AFC)

Kirby mistakenly made a mistake in Wolfsburg’s backline. And quickly found the ball to Kerr, who unleashed the ball, unleashing on Harder.

Also, the midfielder slammed the ball into the bottom corner.

Pernille punishes the former club. 

Our 2-0 win would not last long as Eriksson dropped Huth in the box. Also, Janssen went up and sent Berger incorrectly and came back with a goal from his side.

Chelsea withdrew the pressure late from Wolfsburg to secure our first win over the German team. And also to give the Blues a 2-1 lead in the second leg of next week.

Pernille Harder- FIFA
Pernille Harder (Source: FIFA)

Pernille Harder scored for her old team as Chelsea survived. An attack against Wolfsburg in their first leg of the Champions League quarter-final.

The German team hit the post twice. Moreover, saw Ewa Pajor’s top kick removed from the line as Chelsea looked weak.

But Emma Hayes’ side took the lead when Sam Kerr included Katarzyna Kiedrzynek to score. And Harder equalized a moment after the Wolfsburg goalkeeper handed the ball.

Dominique Janssen scored in the away goal, but Chelsea held on to the win.

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