Xavien Howard Kids: Did He Make Four Women Pregnant?

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It is not a big deal for Xavien Howard to make it to the headlines, but this time, the reason is quite bizarre. Recently, the news about him impregnating four different women simultaneously has been going viral on the internet.

An OnlyFans model named Tai came forward earlier this week, claiming she is pregnant with Xavien’s child.

She posted on Instagram that his other girlfriends also contacted her, revealing they were pregnant with his kid.

Howard is already in a committed relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Keeli Long. However, with recent developments, the player seems to have gotten into deep trouble.

American Professional Football Player Xavien Howard
American Professional Football Player Xavien Howard (Source: The Phinsider)

Xavien Howard is an American football cornerback who plays for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League.

He started his professional league journey in 2016 after the Dolphins chose him in the second round of the NFL draft. 

He has already garnered several accolades and honors in his seven-year career, including selection in four Pro Bowl games and NFL interceptions leader twice.

Before his NFL debut, Xavien was a student-athlete at Baylor University, pursuing a health, kinesiology, and leisure studie degrees.

Xavien Howard Kids

The Miami Dolphins cornerback has not married yet. However, he is the father of three children born out of wedlock.

He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Keeli Long, for many years. The pair had been engaged a long time ago, but they have not decided to marry yet. 

In May 2015, Keeli gave birth to their oldest daughter, Ava. Likewise, their second daughter, Skyler, was born in November 2017.

Xavien Howard And His Son Xavien Jr.
Xavien Howard And His Son, Xavien Jr. (Source: Instagram)

On March 12, 2019, Xavien and Keeli welcomed their son, Xavier Jr.

In December 2019, the two reportedly argued over a minor matter, which resulted in a physical altercation.

Following that, police arrested Xavien, and he had to spend time at Broward County Sheriff’s Office jail.

Since Keeli is not active on social media platforms, whether they are still together is unclear.

However, Xavien is close to all his kids and often posts pictures of them on his Instagram handle.

Did Howard Make Four Women Pregnant?

An OnlyFans model named Tai recently uploaded a post on her Instagram calling out Xavien Howard for impregnating four different women simultaneously.

She took to her Instagram to share photos of her with him, alongside the lengthy caption confirming that she and Howard used to meet often.

Xavien Howard With Tai In The Club
Xavien Howard With Tai In The Club (Source: Instagram)

Tai also shared some of the screenshots of their conversations in which Howard seems to be requesting her to get an abortion.

She has written, “He wants to pay me off to terminate my pregnancy, and from the looks of the screenshot he sent me with his other baby’s mother, he wants her to terminate too.”

However, Tai wants to give birth to her baby. She further writes, “If I continue to be harassed by him or anyone involved with him, I will be taking legal action to protect myself and my unborn baby.”

Xavien has not responded to the allegation yet. As this is not the first time Xavien has put himself into trouble involving women, the Dolphins fans are fed up with his behaviors and are expecting answers from him.

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