Yannis Ezziadi Origine Parents: Where Are They From? Family Tree

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The French actor and columnist, Yannis Ezziadi origine is believed to be from Rozay-en-Brie. Ezziadi hasn’t revealed too many details about his personal life on the public platform.

He might not have talked greatly about his private life, but many believe Ezziadi’s personal life could’ve had some influence on his worldviews. The theatre actor is believed to be unmarried and shares no child.

Yannis Ezziadi Has Gathered 50 Celebrities To Sign The Open Letter Defending Gérard Depardieu
Yannis Ezziadi Has Gathered 50 Celebrities To Sign The Open Letter Defending Gérard Depardieu (Source: Twitter)

Ezziadi has come under scrutiny for his latest article. The actor has written an open letter to defend Gérard Depardieu. Gérard is currently with rape and sexual assault. 

The 32-year-old has also found 50 celebrities to sign his letter. He has received the most support from far-right politicians and is believed to have strong connections with Eric Zemmour. 

He has also been accused of Islamophobia and remains a staunch supporter of bullfighting

Yannis Ezziadi Origine And Family Life

Yannis Ezziadi origine has been said to be from Rozay-en-Brie, France. On his Facebook handle, the theatre actor has hinted that he completed high school at Lycée La Tour des Dames.

And beyond that, the actor has kept his family details away from the limelight. It is believed that Yannis started living in Île-de-France later in his life due to work reasons. 

Before going private on Instagram, Yannis mostly shared snaps of meeting culture and media figures. He hasn’t shared any photos of his family members, and that was probably the right choice as even they would have faced a lot of trouble due to Yannis’ statement.

Yannis Ezziadi Has Gone Private On Social Media After Coming Under Fire For His Latest Opinion
Yannis Ezziadi Has Gone Private On Social Media After Coming Under Fire For His Latest Opinion (Source: Facebook)

On his X handle, Yannis hasn’t shared many posts, but most of his posts relate to his public appearances and news articles. It isn’t known whether Yannis’ family shares the same political views as him. 

Many believe that his family could’ve played a part, as most of the sentiments he shares publicly could have stemmed from his upbringing. No family members of Yannis’ have come upfront to talk about his worldview and whether they support him. 

It is believed that the columnist is unmarried and doesn’t have kids. Many French news publications have written that Yannis has close connections with Julie Depardieu, the daughter of the man he is defending with all his might. 

Yannis Ezziadi Remains Supporter Of Bullfighting 

In recent years, many animal rights activists and political activists have spoken against bullfighting. They believe it to be a cruel sport that leads to the death and torture of the bulls. 

But Yannis Ezziadi loves handing out opinions contrary to the majority’s beliefs. Many believe it is for the attention he gets from it. Previously, his support for bullfighting landed him an appearance on CNews and C8.

Last year, when he appeared on the show TPMP, Yannis attacked the French model and TV presenter Delphine Wespiser. Wespiser is against bullfighting, so sparks were meant to fly when the two came face to face.

Ezziadi said Wespiser knows nothing about animals because she is a city girl. The model said people would be outraged if someone started piercing cats, dogs, or horses, so why should bulls go through all of it?

The theatre actor lost his cool and said he wouldn’t do that to his dog because a dog is not a bull. Even on his X handle, Yannis has shared several posts defending bullfighting and posted clips of magazines of those who are for the sport.  

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