Young Reporter Jeremiah Fennell Parents: Lorraine Golden & Leroy Fennell

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Jeremiah Fennell is determined to bring immense pride to his parents, Lorraine Golden and Leroy Fennell, while still in their early life stages.

Faced with the adversities of a challenging childhood, Jeremiah’s commitment stems from the health struggles his mother, Lorraine, has endured and the fact that his father, Leroy, is a senior citizen.

Despite the hardships, Jeremiah aspires to become an exceptional son, aiming to make his parents proud at a remarkably young age.

Jeremiah Fennell Is A Young Reporter From America
Jeremiah Fennell Is A Young Reporter From America (Source: Instagram)

Jeremiah Fennell is only 11 years old but is already making a big splash in the sports world as a journalist.

He caught everyone’s attention when he appeared in a blue shirt and tie on the “Jennifer Hudson Show” on Feb 2023.

The rising journalist shared that he got into sports reporting because he couldn’t play sports.

He has big dreams of becoming a journalist, a sports announcer, a business owner, and an investor, all to make his parents proud.

People worldwide appreciate his work, especially his interviews with famous sports figures like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

Jeremiah Fennell Parents

Jeremiah Fennell was born to his loving parents, Lorraine Golden and Leroy Fennell.

His parents are American citizens with African-American ethnic backgrounds.

At the tender age of 11, Jeremiah, now a budding reporter, calls Las Vegas, Nevada, home, where he resides with his doting parents.

The family’s narrative, however, reveals a chapter spent in California, hinting at a transient period that the demands of professional commitments might have driven.

Jeremiah Fennell With His Mother
Jeremiah Fennell With His Mother (Source: Instagram)

Adding a digital layer to Jeremiah’s journey is his mother, Lorraine Golden, who skillfully manages his social media presence.

Through her lens, she generously shares glimpses of her son’s reporting ventures, providing a virtual front-row seat to his appearances at diverse events and shows.

Jeremiah Fennell On His Parents

The depth of love and admiration that the young American reporter, Jeremiah, holds for his parents is immeasurable.

From a tender age, his thoughtful endeavors are driven by a singular goal – to witness the radiant smiles on his parents’ faces.

In February 2023, Jeremiah graced the stage of the Jennifer Hudson Show.

There, he shared his passion for sports and, more importantly, his profound love for his parents.

Jeremiah Fennell In The Field
Jeremiah Fennell In The Field (Source: Instagram)

His journey into the world of sports began at the age of 4, overcoming early medical challenges that could have deterred most.

Doctors had cautioned against contact sports due to a brain defect and a detached shoulder bone.

However, Jeremiah struck a unique deal with his parents, negotiating a year of playing football, T-ball, and basketball, then transitioning into sports journalism and broadcasting.

“I wanted to hone my craft in journalism and broadcasting,” 

The emotional depth of Jeremiah’s connection with his parents surfaced when he opened up about a challenging period.

 Recounting a month of separation from his mother, who navigated the ICU, he revealed,

“For a month I didn’t see my mom because she was in ICU, and those were the worst 30 days of my life. I had a long talk with God and I told him, ‘If you can bring my mom back, I would be the greatest son that I could ever be.”

Additionally, he touched upon his father’s old age, expressing a heartfelt desire to make his parents proud.



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