What Does Zhilei Zhang Look Like In Long Hair?

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Zhilei Zhang hair has mostly been short, which makes the audience wonder how this heavyweight boxer might look in long hair.

Zhilei Zhang, ‘The Big Bang,’ is a Chinese professional boxer born on 2nd May 1983. He got the title of WBO interim heavyweight in April 2023.

Zhilei Zhang During Training
Zhilei Zhang During Training (Source: Instagram)

As an amateur, he won a silver medal at the 2008 Olympics and bronze medals at the 2007 and 2009 World Championships. It was all in the super-heavyweight division.

As of April 2023, Zhang is ranked as the world’s fourth-best active heavyweight by The Ring.

An impressive combination of technical skill with speed and power granted him to triumph over opponents such as Joe Joyce, Jerry Forrest, and Joey Dawejko.

He gives his best each time he enters the ring and is determined to make history as the first Chinese Heavyweight Champion.

Zhilei Zhang Hair

The Chinese heavyweight boxer Zhang is known for his impressive fighting skills and strength. But one thing that fascinates the fans and opponents alike is his hairstyle.

For the most part, Zhang cuts his hair short and clean, which undoubtedly suits him. Nevertheless, he has rocked high fade long hair as well.

Zhilei Zhang Hair
Zhilei Zhang Hair (Source: Instagram)

It has been years since we have seen him in this kind of iconic long ponytail. He has never had a full fledge long hair since he came in the spotlight.

The last time he had slightly long hair was in 2017. The image of him with his hair falling over his face in that year is the most recent we could find him with long hair.

Zhilei Zhang Long Hair
Zhilei Zhang With Long Hair (Source: Instagram)

These hairstyles are not what comes to our mind when we hear about Zhilei Zhang, as his short hair has become a part of his personality by now.

But it is a delightful surprise seeing him flaunt his long straight hair.


Zhilei Zhang had a passion for boxing from an early age, which led him to initiate his career in boxing at the age of twenty.

He had already won gold medals at the National Games of China in the year 2001 and 2009. These achievements established him to be one of the best amateur boxers in China, and he decided to turn professional in 2011.

I am the best Heavyweight coming out of china. I just need an opportunity to become the best in the world.

As his words showcased, it did not take him much time to establish himself as one of the best boxers in the Heavyweight division.

2020 was the year when Zhang signed with American Promoter Top Rank. It helped him to get a match against quality opponents, giving him more exposure. Since then, he has made an American debut on ESPN.

In August 2022, he was ranked 11th in the best heavyweight by The Ring.

Zhilei Zhang's Poster
Zhang’s Winner Poster (Source: Instagram)

Zhang has fought 27 times, resulting in 25 wins, only one loss, and a draw in his eight years and eight months of professional boxing career. His boxing record stands at 25-1-1 (20 KO wins) as of April 2023.

Boxing is a less-known sport in China. So, Zhang dreams of becoming the first Chinese Heavyweight champion to motivate other people to pursue boxing.

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