Aaron Glenn Wife Devaney Glenn: Couple Raising Three Kids

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Aaron Glenn and his spouse, Devaney, have an incredible story to share, from college sweethearts to becoming husband and wife.

They are proud parents of three children: one son and two daughters.

As Aaron had to move to various locations due to his professional commitments, it was Devaney who provided support and helped their children adapt to different environments.

Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn
Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn (Source: Twitter)

The football player-turned-coach attended Chester W. Nimitz Senior High School and enrolled at Navarro College before transferring to Texas A&M University.

The New York Jets then drafted Aaron Glenn in the first round of the 1994 NFL Draft.

The Texas-born spent his first eight seasons with the Jets (1994-2001).

Afterward, Glenn played for the Houston Texans (2002-2004), Dallas Cowboys (2005-2006), Jacksonville Jaguars (2007), and New Orleans Saints (2008).

He began his coaching career as the general manager of the Houston Stallions in 2012.

Presently, he serves as the defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions.

Aaron Glenn Wife, Devaney Glenn

Aaron Glenn crossed paths with his future wife, Devaney Glenn, at Texas A&M.

They eventually started dating, and their relationship flourished over the years.

Subsequently, after completing his second year with the New York Jets, the couple exchanged wedding vows in 1994.

Aaron Glenn With His Wife Devaney
Aaron Glenn With His Wife Devaney (Source: Instagram)

Devaney has consistently provided the utmost support throughout Aaron’s career.

Whether he was on the field as a player or off the field as a coach, she has been there for him through all the challenges and successes.

Parents Of Three Children: One Son & Two Daughters

In 30 years of their married life, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn welcomed three children.

They have a son, Aaron II, and two daughters, Tristen and Rheagan.

Aaron’s daughter, Tristen, pursued studies in fashion/ apparel design at LSU and merchandise product development at FIDM.

Additionally, she has gained valuable experience through roles such as administrative assistant, design assistant intern, and retail sales associate at various companies.

Aaron Glenn With His Wife & Children
Aaron Glenn With His Wife & Children (Source: The Athletic)

Currently, she holds a part-time position as an administrative assistant at Solely Fit and works as a fashion stylist at The Archives and Showroom.

On the other hand, Rheagan Glenn completed her high school at Ridge Point High School.

She is presently majoring in real estate at San Diego State University.

Furthermore, Rheagan has a Tiktok account with the handle @rheagen333, where she has garnered over 8k likes.

Unfortunately, not much information is available about Aaron’s son.

Aaron Glenn Foundation

In 2003, he founded the Aaron Glenn Foundation, dedicated to backing educational and healthcare initiatives benefiting families and children.

The foundation’s primary goal is to offer resources and programs designed to inspire and empower young individuals, fostering their development into responsible and contributing members of society.

Because the scholarship fund is endowed, it will continue to provide financial assistance to upcoming students for years, ensuring its impact endures long after Glenn’s time.

With this in mind, he aspires to provide future generations the opportunity to improve their circumstances in light of the increasing costs of education.

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