Does Aaron Judge Have A Sister? Meet Brother John Judge

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Does Aaron Judge have a sister? This question has been circulating in fans’ minds for quite a while. To answer this question, he does not have a sister but an elder brother.

The 31 year-old Aaron is a professional baseball outfielder playing for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball (MLB). 

Born in America, he has been playing baseball since high school and was a three-sport athlete playing basketball, baseball, & football.

After receiving numerous college offers to play football, Aaron, however, decided to play baseball for the Fresno State Bulldogs. 

Aaron Judge After A Match With The Yankees
Aaron Judge After A Match With The Yankees (Source: Instagram)

He debuted with the Yankees in 2016 and had a record-breaking rookie season.

Aaron hit 52 home runs in 2017, which was a record for two years until Pete Alonson broke the record with 53 in 2019. 

Additionally, the outfielder won the American League Player and Rookie of the Year in 2017. 

He wishes to win the 2023 World Series alongside Anthony Rizzo, D.J. LeMahieu, Aaron Hicks, and others.

Does Aaron Judge Have A Sister?

Patty and Wayne Judge adopted the baseball pitcher the day after he was born. Hence, fans and media are curious whether his parents adopted other children too. 

Yes, the Judge family, in fact, adopted another child, a boy. So, he does not have a sister but an elder brother named John Judge.

Unlike Aaron, John lives a very private life and is not much in the world of fame. 

Aaron Judge With His Parents
Aaron Judge With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

According to sources, John Judge is currently an English teacher in South Korea. However, other details regarding his education and private life are not known. 

The Judge’s parents were PE teachers when the siblings were little and were very strict in education and raised their children accordingly. 

However, they did let Aaron and John pursue what they love and never were a hindrance. 

Furthermore, as a child, both siblings loved playing baseball and often trained together.

As the siblings grew up, Aaron decided to pursue his career in baseball. On the other hand, John chose to move abroad and pursue a teaching career. 

Aaron Judge Jersey Number 

The New York Yankee outfielder has been seen with the number 99 since his early days. Judge was given the number 99 in the 2016 spring training. 

Moreover, since that day, he has worn that number. Additionally, higher numbers in baseball are given to young players, who are expected not to make the final roster. 

The baseball outsider has stated that he would like the No.44 or the No.35 if it is ever available.

Aaron Judge Has Always Wore The Number 99
Aaron Judge Has Always Wore The Number 99 (Source: Instagram)

However, the number 44 will be difficult to attain, as it was retired to honor the legendary Reggie Jackson.

In the 2018 Players Weekend, Judge chose the nickname “All Rise,” which was given by his former teammate Todd Frazier. 

Likewise, during the 2019 event, showing his humorous side, he chose his nickname BAJ to be written on the jersey. 

BAJ is a reference to the player’s nickname, “Big Aaron Judge.”

Furthermore, all of this was possible after the MLB and MLB Players Association decided to let players explore themselves in 2017.

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