Abby Wambach Brother: Peter, Matthew, Andrew & Patrick Wambach

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Abby Wambach Brother: Abby is the youngest of seven siblings in her family, and her four brothers have always admired her for being a responsible sister and for her achievements.

Retired US National Team soccer player Abby Wambach had a career decorated with accolades and titles.

Behind her success stand her four brothers, who served as a significant support system for her to pursue her athletic dreams.

Former USWNT Forward, Abby Wambach
Former USWNT Forward Abby Wambach (Source: NY Times)

Abby Wambach, former USWNT forward, made 255 appearances for her country, scoring over 180 goals.

She is a legendary figure in US sports, and the crown jewel of her career was winning the World Cup in 2015.

Furthermore, she was a part of two Olympic gold medal-winning teams in 2004 and 2012.

Abby Wambach Brother

The former American team forward has seven siblings, which include four brothers. Peter, Matthew, Andrew, and Patrick share a strong sense of family values with their sister.

A native of Rochester, New York, Peter serves as a sales representative for Klein Steel Services.

Regarding his personal life, he is married to his wife Carolyn and has three kids: Mitchell, Brady, and Conor.

He graduated with a business management degree from Le Moyne College in 1995 and boasts over two decades of experience.

Like his sister, Peter has also excelled in corporate business. In a piece released by US Soccer in 2015, fans got an insight into the family dynamics of the Wambachs.

In a candid interview, Peter admired her humility. Appreciating her success, he praised her for always making time for the family, regardless of her fame.

“She always thinks of someone other than herself, and she was always willing to do anything for our family.”

Andrew Wambach Is The Youngest Of Four Brothers
Andrew Wambach Is The Youngest Of Four Brothers (Source: LinkedIn)

Similarly, Andrew Wambach is also a successful corporate personality in Rochester. He is a District Event Marketing Manager at Leaffilter and LeafHome Water Solutions.

He is married to his wife, Jackie, and shares two sons, Brandon and Sawyer. 

Academically, he graduated with a degree in business administration from St. Bonaventure University in 2001.

A versatile personality, he has undertaken various roles in the sales and marketing industry throughout his long career.

Like Peter, Andrew is also full of love and praise for his younger sister. He regards her as an inspiration and a responsible sister.

“I have always been inspired by Abby. Of the seven Wambach kids, I am the closest in age to Abby and have seen her grow in so many ways. She truly amazes me.”

Brothers Matthew And Patrick

Similarly, Abby shares a close relationship with her other two brothers, Matthew and Patrick. Matthew admires Abby for her competitive drive and determination.

Regarding Matthew’s family ties, he is married to his wife Janet and has three daughters: Ella, Lola, and Mia.

Patrick is wedded to his wife Kate and has three daughters: Karly, Ava, and Violet.

Matthew Wambach, Abby's Brother
Matthew Wambach, Abby’s Brother (Source: YouTube)

It is important to note that the brother’s family details are as of the Democrat and Chronicle article, 2015.

The Wambach brothers always took time from their schedules to cheer Abby during her games. Their support and bond went a long way in making Abby Wambach who she is today.

What is heart-warming to see is the unity the siblings share at their middle-life stage. Although all of them are busy with their jobs and ventures, they still value their family as a top priority over anything.

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