Abdul Hakim Sani Brown Parents: Mother Akiko And Father Latif

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While the sprinter’s athletic achievements are widely celebrated, it’s also essential to delve into the backstory of Abdul Hakim Sani Brown’s parents.

Abdul Hakim Sani Brown is a name that resonates strongly in the track and field world.

Sani Brown’s upbringing by his mother, Akiko, and father, Latif, played a significant role in shaping the athlete he is today.

Abdul Hakim Sani Brown At The 2023 World Athletics Championships
Abdul Hakim Sani Brown At The 2023 World Athletics Championships (Source: Instagram)

Abdul Hakim Sani Brown is a Japanese star athlete specializing in sprinting events. He is often touted as the ‘Japanese Usain Bolt.’

Born on March 6, 1999, in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan, Abdul was destined for greatness from the start.

He ran for Josai High School in Japan and committed to the University of Florida in 2016.

While competing for the University of Florida, he set the former Japanese record at 9.97s in the 2019 NCAA championships.

Likewise, he was the first Japanese man to make it to the 100-meter finals at the World Athletics Championships in 2022.

Abdul Hakim Sani Brown Parents

The Japanese sprinter was born into a mixed-race family, with a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father.

Much of his success can be attributed to the support and guidance he received from his parents, his mother, Akiko, and his father, Latif.

Their influence has been instrumental in nurturing his talent and helped him overcome the challenges of pursuing a career in professional athletics.

Meet Mother Akiko

The athlete’s mother, Akiko, is a central figure in his life. Likewise, she is a native of Japan.

Akiko was an athlete herself in her younger years; thus, part of his athletic ability is credited to his mother.

As per reports, she competed in national high school championships specializing in the sprint hurdles.

Akiko Watching The 2017 IAAF Worlds 200m Heats
Akiko Watching The 2017 IAAF Worlds 200m Heats (Source: Facebook)

Her support and nurturing nature have been essential in his development as an athlete and as a person.

From an early age, Akiko recognized his interest and aptitude for sports and dedicated herself to her son’s passion for track and field.

As a result, she could be seen attending his competitions and cheering for him in almost every event.

Akiko encouraged his pursuits, providing him with the resources and encouragement needed to thrive.

Meet Father Latif

The Fukuoka-born was born to a Ghanaian Dagomba father named Latif, who hails from a Gur ethnic group in northern Ghana.

While very little is known of Sani Brown’s father, one can assume Latif has also been a guiding force behind his athletic journey. 

Abdul Hakim Sani Brown Family
Abdul Hakim Sani Brown Family (Source: Facebook)

It is speculated that Latif was a soccer player in his days. Similarly, he owns a soccer accessories shop in Tokyo.

Many fans may not be aware of the fact that Sani Brown started his personal sporting life as a soccer player. He played in the position of striker up until the age of 10.

Thus, Latif can be credited for instilling the qualities in his son that are crucial for success in sports.

Sixth At The 2023 World Athletics Championships

The Japanese sprinter, Abdul Hakim Sani Brown, finished sixth in the men’s 100 meters at the 2023 World Athletics Championships.

He clocked 10.04 seconds in the final after running his semifinal heat in 9.97 seconds, which tied his personal best.

Despite his sixth place, Sani Brown made history with the best finish ever by a Japanese in the event.

Nevertheless, it’s an improvement from last year, as he finished seventh in the World Athletics Championships in 2022.

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