Adam Azim Brother Hassan Azim: Parents And Family

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Adam Azim and his brother, Hassan, are born to British Pakistani parents. They are three brothers, the youngest being only three years old.

Both elder brothers have carved their way to the professional ranks with impressive records.

British Boxer Adam Azim
British Boxer Adam Azim (Source: Instagram)

The British professional boxer Adam Azim was born on July 21, 2002, to British Pakistani parents in Berkshire, England.

His family roots extend to Kashmir’s city, Kotli, in Pakistan.

The ten national titles winner was ranked the world’s No.1 youth amateur in the welterweight division.

The boxer then made his professional debut on December 2, 2020, and won every round of his first match as per the referees’ scorecard.

Overall, Azim has competed in a total of eight career fights, out of which six fights he won by knockout.

Besides, a heavily anticipated match against Adam Azim and Aram Faniian, scheduled for June 16, 2023, was canceled due to Adam’s hand injury.

Adam Azim Brother Hassan Azim

The British boxer Adam Azim has two brothers. His elder brother Hassan Azim born on October 27, 2000, is also a professional boxer.

They also have a younger brother Yahya Azim born on July 9, 2020.

Hassan posted a picture of celebrating Yahya Azim’s birthday with their family and colleague.

Adam Azim And His Brother Hassan Azim
Adam Azim And His Brother Hassan Azim (Source: Instagram)

Hassan was a bronze medal winner in the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics representing Great Britain.

Later, his professional debut was on November 20, 2021, which he won by a technical knockout.

In his latest fight on March 26, 2022, he won with a knockout in the first round against Yoncho Markov.

He also has a gym, One2One Boxing, based in Slough, Berkshire, England. He also coaches and focuses on fitness and weight loss apart from boxing in his gym.

Additionally, Hassan is very proud and supportive of his brother’s career and attends his fights to motivate and support his brother.

Besides, a single website is dedicated to both brothers where anyone can find detailed information about the brothers, the following events, and more.

Also, both of them have the same manager Aamir Ban who is the official team manager for Team Azim. As of July 2023, both Azim brothers have an undefeated record.

Parents Of Azim Brothers

Mr. Azim and Sabia Azim have three children Hassan, Azim, and Yahya. Apart from the youngest son Yahya, their sons are professional boxers.

The boxing brothers have mentioned their success is because of their supportive parents on multiple occasions.

Their father was a boxing trainer and actively involved them in training.

Adam Azim Brother Hassan Azim And Family
Adam Azim Brother Hassan Azim And Family (Source: Instagram)

Apart from occasional appreciative posts on Instagram about their parents, very few details are public.

Despite being very anonymous about their parents, their dad can often be seen reacting about his son’s matches on their official YouTube channel TEAM AZIM TV.

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