Al Iaquinta Bio : Early Life, Career, Injury & Net Worth

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Al Iaquinta is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) player. Iaquinta is also a purple belt holder in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a self-defense material art, and combat art.

He is a famous licensed real estate agent in Long Island. Iaquinta is known for having an unbeatable record in his amateur career. Also, he is currently ranked no.9 in UFC lightweight world rankings.

Al Iaquinta currently manages to do two jobs at the same time. He signed for the UFC in 2012. At the same time, he runs for buying and selling properties in his hometown.

Al Iaquinta.

Iaquinta is also an actor. He has played for two drama series, UFC on Fox (2011) and Choke Artist (2014). Besides these, Al also played a role in a crime thriller movie, The Last Operative (2019).

Before we know about his career, let’s dive into his quick facts:

Al Iaquinta | Quick Facts

Full Name Al Iaquinta
Birth Date 30 April 1987
Birth Place Valley Stream, New York, United States
Nick Name Raging Al
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Completed Associate Degree from Nassau Community College
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Jay Iaquinta
Mother’s Name Information Not Available
Siblings Information Not Available
Age 37 Years Old
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 71 Kilograms
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Black
Build Muscular
Profession MMA Fighter
Professional Career Winnings 14
Active Years in MMA 13 Years
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Wife’s Name Not Married Yet
Kids No Kids
Net Worth $3 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update May, 2024

Early Life, Parent, and Education

Al Iaquinta was born on 30 April 1987 in Valley Stream, New York. His father, Jay Iaquinta, is of Italian descent.

But there is no factual information about Jay. However, Iaquinta’s mother’s name is not disclosed to the public yet.

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But during a UFC match, people spotted her. After winning the match, Iaquinta said, “My mother is the most supportive and uplifting, creative, and toughest person I know. I love you, mom.”

Al Iaquinta and his Mother.

Iaquinta was born and raised in Valley Stream, where he completed his primary schooling. Al completed his high school at Wantagh High School.

After that, he went to Nassau Community College. In that college, Al earned an associate degree. While studying at Nassau, he also started to play as an amateur wrestler.

Iaquinta’s Age, Height, and Weight

Al Iaquinta is 37 years old. He falls under the category of above 30 years old fighters.

Iaquinta is an old fighter in MMA. But he has no plans for retirement.

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Al has an adequate height of 5 ft 10 inches. He is above average MMA fighter. Al’s height is also an advantage while fighting.

Referee declaring Iaquinta as a winner in a match.

Iaquinta weighs around 71 kilograms. He does not look thin. Neither, he looks bulky. Iaquinta’s body is subtle. He has a muscular six-packs abs body.

Iaquinta prefers doing exercise every day. He takes a diet to maintain his body. Al believes eating healthy can make a sound body.

Al has no passion for tattoos. He hasn’t thought of getting one. That’s why he hasn’t carved it on his body.

Al Iaquinta | Career

After completing his studies, Al Iaquinta started amateur wrestling in 2007. He competed with several college mates at Nassau Community College.

He had a perfect record-breaking career of 14-0.

Wrestling campaigns kept an eye on Iaquinta. Ring of Combat approached him in 2012. In his first pro exhibition MMA match, he fought with Jon Tuck. He won his first pro-MMA match.

Iaquinta in an Amateur Match.

In season 15 of MMA, he entered into semi-finals by defeating Vinc Pichel. The referee made the decision unanimous. The match ran for five minutes.

Iaquinta’s Professional Career

Al’s career toppled when he got selected for professional MMA matches. His unbeatable career helped him to play with the most prominent MMA players.

Iaquinta is famous for his famous punches and elbow hits. His nickname is Raging Al. MMA fighters call him Raging because when he kicks from his elbow, the opponent gets smashed.

In 2011, Iaquinta’s punch knocked down Gabriel Migoli. He finished The match With Migoli in only 26 seconds.

Iaquinta and Khabib after the match.

However, Al’s career started to drizzle when he lost his first fight with Pat Audinwood. But this defeat did not make him hopeless. He returned to compete, Micheal Chiesa, with full enthusiasm.

During his career, Al has fought with some famous fighters. He fought with Diego Sanchez in 2017 and won the match via knockout in the first round.

In 2018, he competed with Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedev, an unbeatable pro-MMA fighter who retired in 2020.

In that match, fighter Connor McGregor assaulted Khabib and his teammates. His actions delayed the play for a while.

Iaquinta played a match in 2019 with Donald Cerrone. He was severely injured in the match, which was played for five rounds. It took him more than a year to get recovered.

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Iaquinta Holding an American Flag.

Likewise, he competed with MMA champion and pro Boxer Dan Hooker. Sadly, Al lost the match.

Raging Al played his latest fight in 2020. He faced Mike Perry at Chael Sonnen’s Submission Underground 11 event. Sadly he lost the fight via the fastest escape time. But he is hoping to win another match this year.

Al Iaquinta | Injury

In April 2019, Al played with Donald Cerrone. The 155-pound fighter defeated Al with severe complications. In an interview, he said, “In the match, I fractured my nose, I broke many bones.”

Iaquinta with his opponent.

Iaquinta has not recovered fully till now. Bruises are still visible on his body. Iaquinta is lucky to recover at such a speed. However, he doesn’t take the injuries seriously.

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Raging Al said, ” It is our professional job. Donald is a good man. He is a veteran; that’s why I lost.” People praised Al’s generosity. Donald also lightly took the incident. They’re still in touch with each other.

Al Iaquinta | Relationship, Wife, and Kids

Iaquinta is currently single. He has not tied his knots with anyone. Neither, he has any kids. Despite his age, Al has not worried about marrying.

However, there were rumors about Al and the Australian girl. Sadly, her name is not disclosed yet. Al loves to travel to Australia. He shows his gratitude to the Australians.

During an interview, Al told the media that he has no plans to get married. He is currently busy with his friends working for the real estate business. Raging Al also runs for a member rewards hotel program in America.

Salary and Net Worth

Raging Al $250,000-$500,00 per year. His salary bar is not fixed. Moreover, he earns per match. During the match with Khabib Nurmagomedov, Al earned $280,000 even though he lost the match.

But he earned $131,000 fighting with David Cerrone. Al also earns much from his business. Buying and selling houses in his hometown adds up to $100,000 per year. His total earnings count 3 million dollars.

Raging Al does advertisements with several brands. Nowadays, he has tied a contract with Octenum, a hand-sanitizer company. From the advertisement, Iaquinta also collects money.

Although Iaquinta earns a lot of money, he is a simple person. Sometimes, Al donates his earnings to charities.

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Social Media Presence

Al Iaquinta likes to use social media. He is currently present on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He also uses a LinkedIn account to contact people for his business.

Al’s Instagram is filled with partying captures and personal moments. He doesn’t like to upload his professional things on Instagram.

Likewise, people also follow Laquinta in the Cameo profile to get the latest update on the MMA.

Some Queries about Al Iaquinta

Is Al Iaquinta Gay?

People rumor about Iaquinta, saying he is gay because he is not seen with a girl. In a survey, 33 percent of people thought Iaquinta a gay.

At the same time, he has not declared himself gay. Iaquinta is straight.

Does Al Iaquinta smoke Weed or Cigarettes?

There are no records or photographs to determine whether he smokes anything or not. But some people think Iaquinta uses steroids for his body. However, the rumors are not fact-based.

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Is Al Iaquinta Retired?

No, Iaquinta is active in MMA fighting. He has no plans for retirement till now. Despite his colleague’s retirement, Iaquinta thinks he can fight for more years.

When and where did AI face Jorge Masvidal?

AI faced Jorge on April 4, 2015, at UFC Fight Night 63. In the fight, Iaquinta won the match via a controversial split decision.

When is Iaquinta’s next fight scheduled for?

Since Iaquinta took some breaks after 2020, there is no information regarding the specific fighting schedule of his next fight in the coming days.

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