Alanna Kennedy Girlfriend: Dating History & Relationship Timeline

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Alanna Kennedy previously had a girlfriend in Sophie Cachia, but they broke up several months ago. During this time, Alanna has remained single, whereas Sophie got engaged and even called it off. 

The Australian soccer player Alanna Kennedy has only come once into the limelight when talks have been about her romantic life. It was because she was dating the vlogger and entrepreneur Sophie Cachia.

Alanna Kennedy Pictured Playing For Her Club, Manchester City Earlier This Year In January
Alanna Kennedy Pictured Playing For Her Club, Manchester City, Earlier This Year In January (Source: Instagram)

Since their break up, Sophie has talked about Alanna in her previous interviews. And it doesn’t sound like they had the healthiest of relationships. The former couple also no longer follows each other on Instagram. 

Recently, Sophie took her nephew to Australia’s opening World Cup game against Ireland, in which Alanna started alongside Mackenzie Arnold but with their captain Sam Kerr missing.

They won the game 1-0, but in their second match, but were handed a shocking defeat Nigerian Women’s Team. Despite, Alanna scoring the second goal in injury time, it wasn’t enough as Nigeria had already stretched its lead with three goals. 

Alanna Kennedy Girlfriend: Is She Dating Someone?

Alanna Kennedy doesn’t have a girlfriend and is currently not in a relationship. The Australian soccer player is living her best life as a single lady.

Despite rumors of her getting back with her ex-partner Sophie Cachia simmering in the media, Alanna seems focused on leading her country to World Cup glory. 

As Sophie attended Australia’s opening game against Ireland in the ongoing Women’s World Cup Tournament, many speculated they might be together again, but that’s not the case. 

Alanna Kennedy With Her Best Friend And Teammate Mackenzie Arnold In July 2023
Alanna Kennedy With Her Best Friend And Teammate Mackenzie Arnold In July 2023 (Source: Instagram)

On her Instagram, Kennedy has recently shared posts only with the national team. One of the early posts in July was with her Australian teammate Mackenzie Arnold with whom Alanna shares a good rapport. 

The pair also did a Best Friends Quiz with Caitlin Foord on Football Australia YouTube channel last year. But unlike Alanna, Mackenzie is in a relationship with fellow soccer player Kirsty Smith. 

The Manchester City player seems to have been enjoying her single life and has spent quality time with her family members, including her sister Kayla and parents. 

But there is a chance that Alanna doesn’t want to go public with her relationship and is keeping it assiduously private. With her previous relationship going south, it wouldn’t be shocking if Alanna wanted to keep her new relationship, away from the spotlight. 

Alanna Kennedy Relationship With Sophie Cachia

Alanna Kennedy was previously in a relationship described as “toxic” by her ex-girlfriend Sophie Cachia. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the name Sophie Cachia, she is an Instagram influencer turned entrepreneur. She is a co-partner in Cachia, a sleepwear design company, and owns Boda Boutique Hair Salon. 

Sophie was previously married to former AFL player Jaryd Cachia with whom she shares two kids, Bobby and Florence. But it was after her breakup with Jaryd that Sophie began dating Alanna.

The two went public with their romance in March 2020, six months after her calling off her four-year marital relationship with Jaryd. But Alanna and Sophie had a rocky relationship. 

Alanna Kennedy Pictured With Sophie Cachia During Their Relationship In 2020
Alanna Kennedy Pictured With Sophie Cachia During Their Relationship In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Mia Freedman’s podcast, No Filter, Sophie shared that her relationship with Alanna showed signs of toxicity. The influencer said she often found herself cowering towards Alanna, something which she had never done in a relationship. 

Sophie added she wanted Alanna to be more committed to the relationship. But the soccer star never reciprocated the same feeling. 

The Cachia co-owner said she broke up with Alanna several times during the relationship. During those times, she would have a relationship with the basketball player Maddie Garrick.

In March 2023, Sophie and Maddie announced their engagement but ended their relationship in October. They broke up after the basketball player moved to Italy to play for a local team. 

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