Alec Ingold Ethnicity And Parents: Adopted At A Young Age

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The fullback of the Miami Dolphins, Alec Ingold, is of mixed ethnicity, and he was adopted by his parents as soon as he was born.

Alec got the chance to meet his biological mother when he reached the age of eight. He says that his parents and sister are his biggest support system. 

Alec Ingold At A Golf Field In His Leisure
Alec Ingold At A Golf Field During His Leisure Time (Source: Instagram)

Alec Ingold was born on July 9, 1996, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is an American football fullback for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL).

Originally committed to Northern Illinois to play quarterback, Ingold later accepted a scholarship from Wisconsin as an uncommitted athlete.

In his senior year, the Bay Port High School football team had designated him as a dual-threat quarterback. He was selected as the Associated Press Wisconsin Player of the Year and the Gatorade Wisconsin Player of the Year.

Ingold started eleven games at Wisconsin, primarily as a fullback. He started as a linebacker until switching to running back.

His coach mostly employed him in short-yardage situations like goal-line situations, where he had a high touchdown-to-carry ratio.

Ethnicity And Parents Of Alec Ingold

Although the identity of Ingold’s biological parents is not revealed yet, he has mentioned that he is of mixed ethnicity.

It caused a problem for him while growing up as he was of mixed race and his parents were white.

Alec Ingold With His Parents And Sister
Alec Ingold With His Parents And Sister (Source: Instagram)

Ingold always knew that he was adopted before he even understood what it meant. He would always have conversations with his parents regarding this matter so that they could go through the process as soon as he knew what it meant.

However, Ingold always felt insecure, like he was not good enough because his parents put him up for adoption. He says that it did make him feel like a liability to his biological parents. 

And as he grew up, he became a big people pleaser. People consistently pressured him to be a perfectionist to gain acceptance. He felt like he was never just good enough.

Meet His Wife, Alexa Ingold

Ingold is happily married to the love of his life and long-time girlfriend-turned-wife, Alexa Ingold. The couple tied the knot on June 24, 2023, in St. Anthony on the Lake Catholic Church.

Alea is a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant and loves Alex very much. Alec and Alexa first met at a homecoming dance in high school and have been inseparable ever since.

Alec Ingold With His Wife Alexa Ingold
Alec Ingold With His Wife Alexa Ingold (Source: Instagram)

They attended college together at the University of Wisconsin-Madison after graduating high school.

Alec went to Oakland, California, for his debut season with the Raiders in 2019, while Alexa concluded her senior year of college.

The couple went to Las Vegas, NV, the following year, where Alec continued to play football, and Alexa began her Physician Assistant degree.

They reside in Miami, Florida, with their two dogs, Oakland and Fielder.

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