Aleia Hobbs Wife: Who Does She Share Her Son With?

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Aleia Hobbs has a partner who is yet to be her wife. Last year, Aleia, with her partner, adopted a baby boy left by his mom at the hospital. 

The American track and field athlete always wanted to be a mother. Her motherly instinct would show up around her niece and nephew but had no idea she would become one in 2022.

Aleia Hobbs Pictured After Winning A Race In June 2023
Aleia Hobbs Pictured After Winning A Race In June 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The former LSU athlete, Aleia, signed her professional deal with Adidas in 2018. She has represented the United States on various international stages and earned a silver medal in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Earlier this year, Hobbs set the second fastest time ever in women’s 60-meter title with 6.94 seconds. She fell short of the record by 0.02 but is now focused on the World Championship and 2024 Olympics. 

Aleia Hobbs Wife

Aleia Hobbs doesn’t have a wife but has a partner with whom she has been for the past three years and maybe more. 

The LSU alum has never publicly released her partner’s name, and it’s probably for personal reasons and her partner’s wish to be out of the limelight. But in 2020, Hobbs did show her partner to her fans on TikTok.

Aleia Hobbs Pictured Earlier This Year Practicing For Her Race
Aleia Hobbs Pictured Earlier This Year Practicing For Her Race (Source: Instagram)

From her TikTok handle with the username @_aleiabitofthis, Aleia shared a video of her and her partner doing the popular dance challenge Flip The Switch. She also shared the video on Instagram and has never shared any content featuring her better half since then.

She has referred to her as a “partner” in all of her interviews, and it may be quite some time before we hear the wedding bells for the track and field star.

Aleia Hobbs Shares A Son With Her Partner 

Aleia Hobbs, with her partner, decided to adopt a baby boy after receiving a call from her partner’s mom.

Hobbs received a call from her partner’s mom after she came across who had just given birth and wasn’t in a position where she couldn’t take care of the child. 

Aleia Hobbs Pictured With Her Son Amir Earlier This Year In June
Aleia Hobbs Pictured With Her Son Amir Earlier This Year In June (Source: Instagram)

Then it was up to Aleia and her partner to decide if they wanted the child. They had previously talked about wanting to be parents, but this came out of nowhere for them.

After thinking about it, Aleia and her partner decided to adopt the child. The child’s mother had left him at the hospital without signing the birth certificate, and the child was in the NICU as he was born two months early.

The couple named their child Amir King Hobbs. Amir was born on June 15, 2022, and is the apple of the eye of his mom. 

Becoming A Mom Isn’t An Easy Task 

In her interview with World Athletics, Aleia talked about her and her son. Before Aleia could bring her child home, she and her partner went through a stressful adoption process. 

But the athlete said it was all worth it. If Aleia takes care of the morning duties, then her partner takes care of the night duties. 

In an Apple Podcast interview, Aleia also said she and her partner enrolled their son at daycare.

Being a working mom, Aleia didn’t hide the fact that raising a child is an excruciatingly difficult task. When the host asked to describe the current phase of motherhood with one word, Aleia said, “Tiring.”

Aleia has said her son has taught her patience and strength. She has always been motivated, but since becoming a mom, Hobbs said she is not running for herself only.

She is running for her son, and it feels completely different. 

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